Thursday, July 19, 2018

Dalgety bay - Silver Darlings

An interesting evening kicked off yesterday when my missus asked me to take some rubbish out to the bin. As I went a Whimbrel flew SW over the garden, calling and obviously keen that I didn't miss out on it.

Enchanter's Nightshade

I headed out for a walk around the bay, knowing that since I'd been away for over a week three was bound to be something new. First up was Enchanter's Nightshade in the woods behind the house, before arriving at the sailing club at high tide to find massive shoals of small fish all around the bay. Tens of thousands of them with the occasional breach of the surface and some silver sides evident as individuals twisted and turned. I decided to go home for a net! First though I ran up Erysiphe on Heracleum and a nice flowering patch of Field Bindweed between parked yachts and the bay. Here's a video of a small shoal breaking the water surface.

After a brief loop I headed home and grabbed a net and bucket from the garage. That was the easy part!

Back at the harbour the water was dropping and I tried the slow approach. They swam away slowly. I tried the fast approach. They swam away really fast. Finally I went for the gannet/tern approach and smashed the net into the water from a height - bingo!

Four specimens were secured. Back at the lab the dorsal fin originated clearly before the ventrals and the eye was pretty big, which seem to separate it reliably from the only other option I could see, which was Sprat. Though I've seen and eaten a fair few, this was the first herring I remember seeing alive.

When I was growing up my dad used to wear a hand-knitted arran sweater and had a huge beard. With my uncle and aunt they used to sing folk songs with a guitar in the back garden, and I still remember some of them. We also used to listen to stuff like this in the car on journeys, though I remember a faster version that I liked better than this (by the Spinners, maybe).

1059 * flowering plant Mahonia aquifolium Oregon Grape
1060 flowering plant Polygonum aviculare  Knotgrass
1061 lep-moth Udea prunalis A pyralid moth
1062 coleoptera Aphodius rufipes A dung beetle
1063 lep-moth Diachrysia chrysitis Burnished Brass
1064 lep-moth Hylaea fasciaria Barred Red
1065 lep-moth Cosmia trapezina The Dun-bar
1066 lep-moth Apamea scolopacina Slender Brindle
1067 lep-moth Noctua janthe LBBY Underwing
1068 lep-moth Ochropacha duplaris Common Lutestring
1069 * lep-moth Caloptria margaritella Silver-stripe Grass Veneer
1070 lep-moth Acleris forsskaleana A micro moth
1071 lep-moth Eudonia lacustrata A micro moth
1072 lep-moth Autographa gamma Silver Y
1073 flowering plant Malva moschata Musk Mallow
1074 * flowering plant Campanula persicifolia Peach-leaved Bellflower
1075 * flowering plant Circaea lutetiana Enchanter's Nightshade
1076 * flowering plant Convolvulus arvensis Field Bindweed
1077 * fish Clupea harengus Herring
1078 fungus Erisyphe heraclei A fungus
1079 bird Numenius phaeopus Whimbrel

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Still more moths...

A few more nice moths over the last few days, although very little moth immigration going on. Really pleased to see Silver Hook in the garden, only the second one I'ver seen and one of my favorite moths. A few fen/shore specialists also turning up now, including Small Dotted Footman and Dotted Footman, both Red Data Book species and a rare combination except in the Broads. And a whopping great nocturnal ichneumon wasp, Stauropoctonus bombycivorus, one for Seth to enjoy. And a Crossbill in the garden, so the garden list for the year is now 1195.

Silver Hook

Small Dotted Footman and Dotted Footman

Stauropoctonus bombycivorus female
1503 Discestra trifolii Lepidoptera:moths The Nutmeg
1504 Perizoma didymata Lepidoptera:moths Twin-spot Carpet
1505 Diarsia brunnea Lepidoptera:moths Purple Clay
1506 Chloroclystis v-ata Lepidoptera:moths V-Pug
1507 Idaea emarginata Lepidoptera:moths Small Scallop
1508 Aethes rubigana Lepidoptera:moths Burdock Conch
1509 Loxia curvirostra Birds Common Crossbill
1510 Anotylus sculpturatus Coleoptera Staph.
1511 Nysson trimaculatus Hymenoptera Solitary Wasp
1512 Acrobasis repandana Lepidoptera:moths Warted Knot-horn
1513 Arctia caja Lepidoptera:moths Garden Tiger
1514 Anania perlucidalis Lepidoptera:moths Fenland Pearl
1515 Dichrorampha petiverella Lepidoptera:moths Common Drill
1516 Deltote uncula Lepidoptera:moths Silver Hook
1517 Acleris variegana Lepidoptera:moths Garden Rose Tortrix
1518 Mythimna litoralis Lepidoptera:moths Shore Wainscot
1519 Mythimna conigera Lepidoptera:moths Brown-line Bright-eye
1520 Lasiocampa quercus Lepidoptera:moths Oak Eggar
1521 Amphipoea oculea Lepidoptera:moths Ear Moth agg.
1522 Scotopteryx chenopodiata Lepidoptera:moths Shaded Broad-bar
1523 Solanum dulcamara Vascular Plants Bittersweet
1524 Torilis japonica Vascular Plants Upright Hedge Parsley
1525 Sonchus palustris Vascular Plants Marsh Sow-thistle
1526 Nowickia ferox Diptera Tachinidae
1527 Athalia rosae Hymenoptera Symphyta: Turnip Sawfly
1528 Pimpla rufipes Hymenoptera Pimplidae
1529 * Epicampocera succincta Diptera Tachinidae
1530 Spilonota ocellana Lepidoptera:moths Bud Moth
1531 Falcaria lacertinaria Lepidoptera:moths Scalloped Hook-tip
1532 Galleria mellonella Lepidoptera:moths Wax Moth
1533 Euxoa tritici Lepidoptera:moths White-line Dart
1534 Pelosia obtusa Lepidoptera:moths Small Dotted Footman
1535 Nymphula nitidulata Lepidoptera:moths Beautiful China-mark
1536 Parastichtis ypsillon Lepidoptera:moths Dingy Shears
1537 Stauropoctonus bombycivorus Hymenoptera Ichneumonidae
1538 Absyrtus vernalis Hymenoptera Ichneumonidae
1539 Sciara hemerobioides Diptera Sciaridae
1540 Phaonia pallida Diptera Muscidae
1541 Nomada fucata Hymenoptera Painted Nomad Bee
1542 Pediasia contaminella Lepidoptera:moths Waste Grass-veneer
1543 * Opostega salaciella Lepidoptera:moths Sorrel Bent-wing
1544 Aphodius rufus Coleoptera Scarabaeidae
1545 Orthops campestris Hemipteroids Mirid Bug
1546 Hesperocorixa linnaei Hemipteroids Water Boatman sp.
1547 Acrobasis consociella Lepidoptera:moths Broad-barred Knot-horn
1548 Euzophera pinguis Lepidoptera:moths Ash-bark Knot-horn
1549 Micromus variegatus RSO Brown Lacewing
1550 Neocrepidodera transversa Coleoptera Chrysomelidae
1551 Phytocoris varipes Hemipteroids Miridae
1552 Conomelus anceps Hemipteroids Auchenorrhyncha
1553 Ceratapion gibbirostre Coleoptera Apionidae
1554 Halyzia sedecimguttata Coleoptera Orange Ladybird

Monday, July 16, 2018

Dalgety bay - Oh, you pretty thing

Back from a refreshing trip to even sunnier and even hotter climes, here's a brief update of stuff wot I failed to update on pre-departure

I have removed Equisetum palustre from the list because when I went back and grilled it properly I decided it was E.arvense. Shame, that. Still, won't be the last, I'm sure.

Also, here's one from Skye that I fed into my workstream - the hairy-faced Dolichopus nubilus from Uig Bay 24/06/2018. A proper list must be in order at some point.

1041 fungus Erysiphe alphitoides Oak Powdery Mildew
1042 fungus Pucciania poarum Coltsfoot rust
1043 flowering plant Crepis capillaris Smooth Hawk's-beard
1044 flowering plant Fumaria muralis Common Ramping-fumitory
1045 fern Equisetum arvense Field Horsetail
1046 spider Theridion pallens A Comb-footed Spider
1047 diptera Beris vallata A Soldier Fly
1048 diptera Microchrysa cyaneiventris A Soldier Fly
1049 lep-butterfly Aphantopus hyperantus Ringlet
1050 lep-moth Blastobasis adustella A micromoth
1051 lep-moth Mythimna impura Smoky Wainscot
1052 lep-moth Ourapteryx sambucaria Swallow-tailed Moth
1053 lep-moth Pasiphila rectangulata Green Pug
1054 lep-moth Tinea semifulvella A micro moth
1055 lep-moth Udea olivalis A crambid moth
1056 lep-moth Eulithis prunata Phoenix
1057 lep-moth Evergestis forficalis Garden Pebble
1058 harvestman Megabunus diadema A harvestman

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Skye - 1K falls

Very brief pre-work update...I DID IT!!!!! :) :) 

Light trap provided the goods with NFY species these past few sessions being Oblique Carpet, Lempke's Gold Spot, The Snout, Common Wainscot, Grey Arches and Double Lobed. Also Rush Veneer and Dark Arches in the bathroom on consecutive mornings and a huge patch of Lesser Knotweed that I've been walking past on an almost daily basis - looks quite striking now it's in flower!

And the round numbered one was....

Common Wainscot :) 

All of which puts me on 1002 species. I shall have to show some extraordinary effort over the next eight weeks or so if I'm to keep abreast of Andy's surge forward in his 2013 record setting year. As for keeping up with Tim...pfffft! :)

Edit - just dropped back down to 1000 species from this morning's 1002. My Gold Spot was another Lempke's and my Plain Golden Y wasn't quite plain enough, just a heavily abraded BGY. Grrrrrr..... Of course, I've buckets of stuff awaiting ID but they don't count. Yet. 

Double Edit - I  forgot to add last week's Aethes smeathmanniana into the tally, so I'm back up to 1001 species! 

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Gone a bit quiet out there...

Not many posts recently, are people still seeing things? Moths and other insects are in full swing here now, with 98 species of moth recorded last night, although nothing entirely unexpected. Pictures of some of the less expected ones recently are below. Now just over 1500 species for the square.

Reed Leopard

Monochroa palustrellus

Pyla fusca

Hummingbird Hawk Moth

Pigmy Footman

Sand Dart

1412 Macaria alternata Lepidoptera:moths Sharp-angled Peacock
1413 Chrysotoxum bicinctum Diptera Syrphidae
1414 Sarcophaga vagans Diptera Sarcophagidae
1415 Hercostomus chrysozygos Diptera Dolichopodidae
1416 Dolichopus wahlbergi Diptera Dolichopodidae
1417 Noctua fimbriata Lepidoptera:moths Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing
1418 Eilema griseola Lepidoptera:moths Dingy Footman
1419 Archips podana Lepidoptera:moths Large Fruit-tree Tortrix
1420 Xestia baja Lepidoptera:moths Dotted Clay
1421 Scopula emutaria Lepidoptera:moths Rosy Wave
1422 Meganola albula Lepidoptera:moths Kent Black Arches
1423 Ebulea crocealis Lepidoptera:moths Ochreous Pearl
1424 Calamotropha paludella Lepidoptera:moths Bulrush Veneer
1425 Pempelia palumbella Lepidoptera:moths Heather Knot-horn
1426 Platytes alpinella Lepidoptera:moths Hook-tipped Grass-veneer
1427 Eilema pygmaeola Lepidoptera:moths Pigmy Footman
1428 Mompha raschkiella Lepidoptera:moths Little Mompha
1429 Oedemera lurida Coleoptera Oedemeridae
1430 Pammene aurana Lepidoptera:moths Orange-spot Piercer
1431 Zygaena trifolii Lepidoptera:moths Five-spot Burnet
1432 Silene latifolia Vascular Plants White Campion
1433 Ballota nigra Vascular Plants Black Horehound
1434 Arctium minus Vascular Plants Lesser Burdock
1435 Linaria vulgaris Vascular Plants Common Toadflax
1436 Arthaldeus pascuellus Hemipteroids Cicadellidae
1437 Crocallis elinguaria Lepidoptera:moths Scalloped Oak
1438 Blastobasis adustella Lepidoptera:moths Furness Dowd
1439 Arenostola phragmitidis Lepidoptera:moths Fen Wainscot
1440 Sterna sandvicensis Birds Sandwich Tern
1441 Aeshna mixta Odonata Migrant Hawker
1443 Aethusa cynapium Vascular Plants Fool's Parsley
1444 Prunella vulgaris Vascular Plants Selfheal
1445 Capsella bursa-pastoris Vascular Plants Shepherd's-purse
1446 Sympetrum striolatum Odonata Common Darter
1447 Xylota sylvarum Diptera Syrphidae
1448 Ancylis achatana Lepidoptera:moths Triangle-marked Roller
1449 Cabera exanthemata Lepidoptera:moths Common Wave
1450 Eudonia lacustrata Lepidoptera:moths Little Grey
1451 Ectropis crepuscularia Lepidoptera:moths Engrailed
1452 Eremobia ochroleuca Lepidoptera:moths Dusky Sallow
1453 Furcula furcula Lepidoptera:moths Sallow Kitten
1454 Hemithea aestivaria Lepidoptera:moths Common Emerald
1455 Hofmannophila pseudospretella Lepidoptera:moths Brown House Moth
1456 Miltochrista miniata Lepidoptera:moths Rosy Footman
1457 Noctua comes Lepidoptera:moths Lesser Yellow Underwing
1458 Pelosia muscerda Lepidoptera:moths Dotted Footman
1459 Stigmella aurella Lepidoptera:moths Golden Pygmy
1460 Netelia vinulae Hymenoptera Ichneumonidae
1461 Tasgius morsitans Coleoptera Staph.
1462 Phytomyza krygeri Diptera Agromyzidae
1463 Macropis europaea Hymenoptera Yellow Loosestrife Bee
1464 Meconema thalassinum Orthopteroids Oak Bush-cricket
1465 Aleimma loeflingiana Lepidoptera:moths Yellow Oak Button
1466 Sagina procumbens Vascular Plants Procumbent or Mossy Pearlwort
1467 Sphenella marginata Diptera Tephritidae
1468 Agelena labyrinthica Arachnids Labyrinth Spider
1469 Rhinophora lepida Diptera Rhinophoridae
1470 Lavatera thuringiaca x L. olbia Vascular Plants Garden Tree Mallow
1471 Voria ruralis Diptera Tachinidae
1472 Phragmataecia castaneae Lepidoptera:moths Reed Leopard
1473 Agrotis ripae Lepidoptera:moths Sand Dart
1474 Pandemis heparana Lepidoptera:moths Dark Fruit-tree Tortrix
1475 Monochroa palustrellus Lepidoptera:moths Wainscot Neb
1476 Yponomeuta rorrella Lepidoptera:moths Willow Ermine
1477 Agriphila straminella Lepidoptera:moths Straw Grass-veneer
1478 Metzneria lappella Lepidoptera:moths Burdock Neb
1479 Tineola bisselliella Lepidoptera:moths Common Clothes Moth
1480 Phragmatobia fuliginosa Lepidoptera:moths Ruby Tiger
1481 Cydia splendana Lepidoptera:moths Marbled Piercer
1482 Sciurus carolinensis Mammals Grey Squirrel
1483 Pyla fusca Lepidoptera:moths Brown Knot-horn
1484 Thymelicus lineola Lepidoptera:butterflies Essex Skipper
1485 Eurygaster testudinaria Hemipteroids Tortoise Bug
1486 Omocestus viridulus Orthopteroids Common Green Grasshopper
1487 Platycephala planifrons Diptera Chloropidae
1488 Pithanus maerkelii Hemipteroids Mirid Bug
1489 Neophilaenus lineatus Hemipteroids Froghopper
1490 Nabis limbatus Hemipteroids Marsh Damsel Bug
1491 Plagiognathus arbustorum Hemipteroids Mirid Bug
1492 Lopus decolor Hemipteroids Mirid Bug
1493 Crassa unitella Lepidoptera:moths Golden-brown Tubic
1494 Hydriomena furcata Lepidoptera:moths July Highflyer
1495 Catoptria pinella Lepidoptera:moths Pearl Grass-veneer
1496 Cabera pusaria Lepidoptera:moths Common White Wave
1497 Eucosma obumbratana Lepidoptera:moths Two-coloured Bell
1498 Xanthorhoe quadrifasiata Lepidoptera:moths Large Twin-spot Carpet
1499 Xanthorhoe ferrugata Lepidoptera:moths Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet
1500 Cnephasia longana Lepidoptera:moths Long-winged Shade
1501 Mesoligia furuncula Lepidoptera:moths Cloaked Minor
1502 Antherophagus pallens Coleoptera Cryptophagidae

Sunday, July 8, 2018

700 up at Thorne

Thorne list now on 708. This is made up from the following groups.

Bryrophytes 17, Fungi 25, Lichen 28, Plants 261, Annelids 5, Crustacea 5, Spider 9, Molluscs 19, Odonata 9, Orthoptera 4, Hemiptera 20, Butterflies 16, Moths 129, Coleoptera 22, Hymenoptera 30, Diptera 41, Insects RSO 3, Fish 1, Amphibians 3, Birds 53 and Mammals 9.

The undoubted recent highlight was Red-belted Clearwing. See photo below. Even more remarkable this record was not due to the use of pheromones.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

I claim my £5.00...

Well, a few good days recording and I'm now on 1411 species. Off to the Brecks today so will be out of the square! Quite pleased how quickly I've got over the 1400 mark considering I was away for a couple of weeks in June. I think the intensity of recording will probably reduce, but I'll keep going, so should end up with a pretty good total by the end of the year. Not too many pictures in this post, but a breakdown of the 1411 total below plus a list of new species.

Individual taxa TG4523 2018
Algae 0
Fungi/Lichens 23
Bryophytes 4
Vascular Plants 181
Cnidarians 0
Molluscs 9
Annelid Worms 0
Arachnids 64
Myriapods 6
Crustaceans 4
Springtails 6
Insects: Odonata 12
Insects: Orthopteroids 7
Insects: Hemipteroids 71
Insects: Hymenoptera 88
Insects: Coleoptera 238
Insects: Diptera 260
Insects: Butterflies 20
Insects: Moths 281
Insects: RSO 16
Fish 1
Reptiles 1
Amphibia 0
Birds 105
Mammals 14
Other Animals 0
Echinoderms 0
Grand Totals 1411

Anerastia lotella - a scarce dune system pyralid, in the garden
1302 Pemphredon lethifer Hymenoptera Crabronidae
1303 Nomada flavoguttata Hymenoptera Little Nomad Bee
1304 Eilema lurideola Lepidoptera:moths Common Footman
1305 Mesapamea secalis Lepidoptera:moths Common Rustic
1306 Cosmia trapezina Lepidoptera:moths The Dun-bar
1307 Volucella zonaria Diptera Syrphidae
1308 Solva marginata Diptera Xylomidae - Drab Wood-soldierfly
1309 Aeshna grandis Odonata Brown Hawker
1310 Aeshna cyanea Odonata Southern Hawker
1311 Sympetrum sanguineum Odonata Ruddy Darter
1312 Avena fatua Vascular Plants Wild-oat
1313 Chenopodium album Vascular Plants Fat-hen
1314 Epilobium tetragonum Vascular Plants Square-stalked Willowherb
1315 Euphorbia helioscopia Vascular Plants Sun Spurge
1316 Juncus inflexus Vascular Plants Hard Rush
1317 Lamium hybridum Vascular Plants Cut-leaved Dead-nettle
1318 Lapsana communis Vascular Plants Nipplewort
1319 Solanum nigrum Vascular Plants Black Nightshade
1320 Festuca rubra Vascular Plants Red Fescue
1321 Haematopota pluvialis Diptera Notch-horned Cleg
1322 Anthidium manicatum Hymenoptera Wool-carder Bee
1323 Eriothrix rufomaculata Diptera Tachinidae
1324 Athalia circularis Hymenoptera Symphyta
1325 Leucoma salicis Lepidoptera:moths White Satin Moth
1326 Eulithis pyraliata Lepidoptera:moths Barred Straw
1327 Phycita roborella Lepidoptera:moths Dotted Oak Knot-horn
1328 Hercostomus nigripennis Diptera Dolichopodidae
1329 Melanchra pisi Lepidoptera:moths Broom Moth
1330 Heterotoma planicornis Hemipteroids Miridae
1331 Cantharis rufa Coleoptera Cantharidae
1332 Palloptera muliebris Diptera Pallopteridae
1333 Scenopinus fenestralis Diptera Scenopinidae
1334 Gypsonoma dealbana Lepidoptera:moths Common Cloaked Shoot Moth
1335 Xyphosia miliaria Diptera Tephritidae
1336 Erysiphe alphitoides Fungi Oak Powdery Mildew
1337 Eristalis nemorum Diptera Syrphidae
1338 Macroglossum stellatarum Lepidoptera:moths Humming-bird Hawk-moth
1339 Malva sylvestris Vascular Plants Common Mallow
1340 Anoplius caviventris Hymenoptera Spider-wasp sp.
1341 Calystegia silvatica Vascular Plants Large Bindweed
1342 Phania funesta Diptera Tachinidae
1343 Deraeocoris flavilinea Hemipteroids Mirid Bug
1344 Rhagonycha lutea Coleoptera Cantharidae
1345 Oenanthe lachenalii Vascular Plants Parsley Water-dropwort
1346 Thereva nobilitata Diptera Common Stiletto
1347 Nola cucullatella Lepidoptera:moths Short-cloaked Moth
1348 Mythimna impura Lepidoptera:moths Smoky Wainscot
1349 Pleuroptya ruralis Lepidoptera:moths Mother of Pearl
1350 Habrosyne pyritoides Lepidoptera:moths Buff Arches
1351 Eulamprotes wilkella Lepidoptera:moths Painted Neb
1352 Eupatorium cannabinum Vascular Plants Hemp-agrimony
1353 Tenthredo scrophulariae Hymenoptera Symphyta: Figwort Sawfly
1354 Physocephala rufipes Diptera Conopidae
1355 Passaloecus gracilis Hymenoptera Crabronidae
1356 Conocephalus dorsalis Orthopteroids Short-winged Conehead
1357 Chorthippus albomarginatus Orthopteroids Lesser Marsh Grasshopper
1358 Argyresthia brockeella Lepidoptera:moths Gold-ribbon Argent
1359 Dioctria linearis Diptera Small Yellow-legged Robberfly
1360 Cryptocephalus pusillus Coleoptera Chrysomelidae
1361 Conopalpus testaceus Coleoptera Melandryidae
1362 Beris geniculata Diptera Long-horned Black Legionnaire
1363 Beris chalybata Diptera Murky-legged Black Legionnaire
1364 Chloromyia formosa Diptera Broad Centurion
1365 Chrysotus gramineus Diptera Dolichopodidae
1366 Euleia heraclei Diptera Tephritidae
1367 Hebecnema vespertina Diptera Muscidae
1368 Lucilia sericata Diptera Calliphoridae
1369 Nephrotoma flavescens Diptera Cranefly
1370 Sicus ferrugineus Diptera Conopidae
1371 Lolium perenne Vascular Plants Perennial Rye Grass
1372 Persicaria lapathifolia Vascular Plants Pale Persicaria
1373 Pyronia tithonus Lepidoptera:butterflies The Gatekeeper
1374 Thymelicus sylvestris Lepidoptera:butterflies Small Skipper
1375 Spergula arvensis Vascular Plants Corn Spurrey
1376 Coenonympha pamphilus Lepidoptera:butterflies Small Heath
1377 Pieris rapae Lepidoptera:butterflies Small White
1378 Chrysogaster solstitialis Diptera Syrphidae
1379 Chrysotoxum festivum Diptera Syrphidae
1380 Pammene aurita Lepidoptera:moths Sycamore Piercer
1381 Prays fraxinella Lepidoptera:moths Ash-bud Moth
1382 Psenulus pallipes Hymenoptera Pale-footed Black Wasp
1383 Convolvulus arvensis Vascular Plants Field Bindweed
1384 Endotricha flammealis Lepidoptera:moths Rosy Tabby
1385 Acrocephalus schoenobaenus Birds Sedge Warbler
1386 Xanthandrus comtus Diptera Syrphidae
1387 Philodromus cespitum Arachnids Philodromidae
1388 Zeiraphera isertana Lepidoptera:moths Cock's-head Bell
1389 Epinotia cruciana Lepidoptera:moths Willow Tortrix
1390 Salpingus planirostris Coleoptera Salpingidae
1391 Coeliodes rana Coleoptera Weevil
1392 Orthotylus tenellus Hemipteroids Mirid Bug
1393 Kateretes pedicularius Coleoptera Katerteridae
1394 Ourapteryx sambucaria Lepidoptera:moths Swallow-tailed Moth
1395 Zanclognatha tarsipennalis Lepidoptera:moths The Fan-foot
1396 Synaphe punctalis Lepidoptera:moths Long-legged Tabby
1397 Scopula imitaria Lepidoptera:moths Small Blood-vein
1398 Zeuzera pyrina Lepidoptera:moths Leopard Moth
1399 Eilema complana Lepidoptera:moths Scarce Footman
1400 Thumatha senex Lepidoptera:moths Round-winged Muslin
1401 Crambus perlella Lepidoptera:moths Satin Grass-veneer
1402 Udea lutealis Lepidoptera:moths Pale Straw Pearl
1403 Yponomeuta evonymella Lepidoptera:moths Bird-cherry Ermine
1404 Cnephasia asseclana Lepidoptera:moths Flax Tortrix
1405 Crambus pascuella Lepidoptera:moths Inlaid Grass-veneer
1406 Anerastia lotella Lepidoptera:moths Sandhill Knot-horn
1407 Metellina segmentata Arachnids Tetragnathidae
1408 Asellus aquaticus Crustaceans Water-slater
1409 Brachypterus glaber Coleoptera Nitidulidae
1410 Cartodere bifasciata Coleoptera Latridiidae
1411 Oulema melanopus Coleoptera Chrysomelidae