Sunday, June 16, 2013

TM2499 Shotesham

Sunday night is blog night. A continuing slog this week, but pleased to exceed my target 50 for the week and have reached the heady heights of 775 (not to mention about 150 "things to do"). Moths have come on stream a little this week, but still unremarkable, with various species more associated with early May still making an appearance in the trap. Oh for a week of hot muggy nights - I could stop having to look at all these nasty grasses...

Late updates

718 - Wax Moth - had kept some larvae from bottom of bee hive on 6th May and first one emerged 14th June, confirming suspected identity
719 - Short-winged Earwig - found at moth-trap on 5th Jun, initially misidentified as Lesne's Earwig which would have been new for Norfolk, but sanity prevailed; still a good record though
720 - Argogorytes mystaceus - solitary wasp (Crabronidae) potted off a leaf in the garden on 9th June; I identified this species here last year also.
721 - Melangyna labiatarum - hoverfly from 9th June, female keyed to this or M compositarum and features matched this albeit book says of uncertain validity; this is apparently the commoner one in the south anyway, so having it as good enough for now.
722 -Oedemera lurida - beetle on ox-eye daisy head on 9th June keyed
723 -Oedemera nobilis - first of this common species noted on 9th June
724 - Cinnabar - trap on 9th June
725 - Light Emerald - trap on 9th June
726 - Epiblema cynosbatella - trap on 9th June

Mon 10th Jun

727 - Black-grass - arable field margins
728 - Scorched Wing - trap
729 - Small Angle Shades - trap
730 - Coleophora alcyonipennella - trap
731 - Cantharis cryptica - trap, this little beetle proved quite common at light this week

Tue 11th Jun

732 - Blastobasis lacticolella - trap
733 - Hedya pruniana - trap
734 - Elephant Hawk-moth - trap
735 - Agapeta hamana - trap
736 - Mompha epilobiella - trap
737 - Middle-barred Minor - trap
738 - Broken-barred Carpet - trap
739 - Bryotropha domestica - trap
740 - Dark Spectacle - trap

Wed 12th Jun

741 - Straw Dot - trap
742 - Large Yellow Underwing - trap
743 - Shoulder-striped Wainscot - trap

Thu 13th Jun

744 - Freyer's Pug - trap

Fri 14th Jun

745 - V-Pug - trap
746 - Foxglove Pug - trap

Sat 15th Jun

747 - Stoat - at last!
748 - Southern Marsh-orchid - quite a few appearing on the common, along with fewer Common Spotted and far fewer Early Marsh-orchid, plus a few apparent hybrids
749 - Square-stalked St John's-wort - on common, not flowering yet
750 - Tufted Forget-me-not - damp areas on common
751 - Coleophora serratella - common case-bearing micromoth on alder leaf
752 - Bladder Campion - just one small clump, appears scarce around here
753 - Wild Mignonette - just one found so far, much less common round here than in the Brecks
754 - Pegomyia laticornis - occupied blotch leafmines in Lesser Burdock appear to refer to this fly
755 - Chloromyia formosa - a very common soldierfly ("Broad Centurion") making its first appearance today
756 - Common Fleabane - not in flower yet but plants appearing around the place
757 - Dog Rose - highly belated, had been waiting for flowers, which were out today
758 - Miris striatus - striking bug along green lane
759 - Pseudargyrotoza conwagana - tortrix moth netted by day (common around ash)
760 - Hedya nubiferana - tortrix moth netted by day
761 - Small Clouded Brindle - trap

Sun 16th Jun

762 - Mugwort - roadside
763 - Water Forget-me-not - by a pool in a horse field
764 - Common Storksbill - in flower by a well trodden gate
765 - Bittersweet - in flower in a hedge
766 - Crambus lathoniellus - pyralid moth disturbed by day on the common
767 - Common Blue - a new butterfly at last, nice male
768 - Grey Willow - several saplings on the common
769 - Four-spotted Chaser - at last, a big dragonfly clinched.
770 - Common Cottongrass - cottony heads starting to appear on the common
771 - Nemotelus pantherinus - smart soldierfly ("Fen Snout") netted from the wet areas of the common
772 - Bogbean - pleasant surprise, but no flowers, just the leaves photo'd below (if I'm right?)
773 - Lesser Spearwort - finally found one, thought this should be much more numerous
774 - Black Horehound - still not in flower, but has slowly been dawning on me what this is in my front hedge.
775 - Common Bent - common as muck clearly, but only just got round to it. Creeping Bent remains a task for next week I guess.

Short-winged Earwig

Common Cotton-grass

These are Bogbean leaves right? (Waiting to be embarassed...)

The Fen Snout Nemotelus pantherinus - cracking little fly!

And amongst many unidentified things this week, how about an entire Curled Dock stem full of aphids? Blimey.


  1. Supremely jealous of your 719 (grrrr...just can't bring myself to say the name) and the pic just rubs it in. Your Bogbean looks like..Bogbean! I'm still massively impressed at your tally thus far. I'm enjoying approx 3hrs per week in my square.....

  2. Thanks Seth, I'm guessing the earwig is probably rather common and I should have noticed it years ago - garden is full of Hops. Sorry to hear you're struggling to find the time, it's clearly a major factor in my score so far that I've been able to put lots of time into it at weekends (and run the trap at night of course).

  3. If the aphids aren't Aphis rumicis I'll eat my hat. The apterae can be a bugger to ID but the alates (winged ones) are a doddle - look out for two characters - tubercles under the siphunculi point to the Aphis genus (and close relatives), rumicis is distinctive in having abdominal stripes running the entire width of the body - usually connecting with the marginal markings. Other Aphis have stripes, but much shorter.

  4. Thanks Chris. Sounds like I'd better mosey over there and grab some. Then try to work out what all the bits are called! Cheers