Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lincolnshire Update

With the help of bumper moth nights I have now reached 868 species, and as with Andy I am feeling tired somewhat with getting out of bed at 3 ish to cover the trap and record moths that are outside it. If I leave it until daylight hours the local Robins will take the lot as they sneak in the trap regardless of the hot mercury vapour bulb. 
The main highlight for me is the recording of displaying Purple Hairstreaks in my garden, a male even gave me the chance of a quick photo as it landed on a nearby leaf.

Moth records include 3 new garden records with Muslin Footman, Gelechia rhombella and Ptychotomoides aeriferanus which brings the garden total to 845.
Gelechia rhombella - Scarce micro, believe Andy has recorded it also, could be a Lincolnshire or VC first

Muslin Footman - Unexpected new garden record

Other interesting records were Blackneck, Brown Scallop and Scarce Silver-lines.

Believe the click beetle below is Stenagostus rhombeus ? which I found in the moth trap this morning.

Stenagostus rhombeus ?

Probably a bit late now to ask but how do you transfer the numbers from an excel spredsheet
to this Blog.  Thanks Martin Gray


  1. Do you mean, how do you get stuff out of Excel into the blog without it ending up in a stupid table type thingie? I tend to get stuff into a single column in Excel (using a =CONCATENATE function) then copy and paste into Notepad (should have it via your Start menu), then copy and paste it from there into the blog. Tends to get rid of most of the silly formatting.



  2. Thanks Andy, I will give it a try.

  3. Stenagostus rhombeus is correct :)