Monday, August 5, 2013

For several years before I set out on this challenge I had recorded all of the wildlife etc. in my parish in Leicestershire, and I not only had a good idea of where various plants etc. could be found, but also had a good network of people who were willing to help me with identification of various groups. To some of the participants in the challenge this help with id is perhaps not in the true spirit of things, but it has meant that I have managed to record and pass on to county recorders numerous species which would otherwise have been passed over as unidentified.

It is thanks to the results from one such batch (this time of micromoths needing gen det) that my total has suddenly shot up to 1,146 including 11 Coleophora species!  These results don't make for the posting of many pretty pictures as part of my blog entry, but I will include an image of Coleophora milvipennis (confirmed by gen det) which was new for my area VC55.

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