Monday, February 27, 2017

NT1582, Dalgety Bay: Staph meeting

Reached 10 Staphylinidae on Saturday as I creep towards the one third mark. Throwing leaf litter into a white tray has been a lot of fun and makes me think I want a bigger and more robust white tray. When I ordered it a couple of weeks back I though it was a bit indulgent to pay for a tray but now I'm thinking of buying an upgrade!

Another thing maybe worth mentioning was that i found another two spiny snails - one under a rock in a different place and one from shaking leaf litter in another place again. There must be a decent population here.

Anyway, quickie update just to keep the numbers updated on the board

Sepedophilus nigripennis

Othius punctulatus

Stenus impressus

The numbers bit:
326 Neobisium carcinoides Common Neobisid
327 Vitrina pellucida Pellucid Glass Snail
328 Stenus impressus A rove beetle
329 Sepedophilus nigripennis A rove beetle
330 Derocerus reticulatum Netted Field Slug
331 Lepthyphantes zimmermanni A Linyphiid spider
332 Othius punctulatus A rove beetle

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  1. Pop down Petsmart or similar and grab yourself a cat litter tray, it's what all the discerning entomologists use for soil/wood/manure/moss/leaf-sifting :)