Thursday, September 13, 2018

Dalgety Bay - Am I weevil (reprise)

Been an interesting few days at the tail end of summer (head end of autumn?) as I picked up the sweep net and went off in search of spiders. I had intended to add five more spiders to the list - job done. I'll now try to add another five because it turned out to be too straightforward. While I was at it though I have netted a fair few beetles including Curculio betulae, which has been sufficient to animate the BBC today (link). Some are still in pots and haven't been listed yet. Devil's Coach Horse was the beetle that finally equalled last year's tally. I'm looking like I will break the big six-oh. Impressive stuff, dontcha think? Or about one day in Tim's garden in January. But I'll take it.

Oh! Oh!! And a dragonfly! What was that about, eh? I'm still recovering from that.

Curculio betulae - one of the year's highlights

Erigones dentipalips and arctica showsng size difference

Erigone arctica palp

Lyonetia clerkella

Lyonetia clerkella
1235 coleoptera Ocypus olens Devil's Coach-horse
1236 hymenoptera Andricus quercuscalicis Knopper Gall causer
1237 diptera Phaonia pallida Muscidae
1238 slime mould Ceratiomyxa fruticosa A slime mould
1239 spider Araneus quadratus A spider
1240 * spider Gnathonarium dentatum A Linyphiid spider
1241 fungus Exidiopsis effusa A corticioid fungus
1242 * harvestman Oligolophus tridens A harvestman
1243 * lep-moth Rhizedra lutosa Large Wainscot
1244 * coleoptera Tachyporus obtusus A rove beetle
1245 odonata Sympetrum striolatum Common Darter
1246 * spider Erigone arctica A Linyphiid spider
1247 * coleoptera Curculio betulae A weevil
1248 * lep-moth Lyonetia clerkella A micro moth


  1. That's a nice weevil Ali, and a great record too. Not seen one, so pop it in a tube and give it a bit of apple...

  2. Aaah, so that's the funny weevil I have from up here. Northernmost record my hairy a*$e ;) Good hit, buddy! I presume you have 1500 in your sights?

    1. After I got to 1k so early I thought I might have a go at over 1300, but basically I'll just keep rolling along. With a following wind I might sneak past 1407. Class of 18 ftw ;)