Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Dalgety Bay - turning over an old leaf

A moderately productive period given the time of year and amount of effort being put in. Tidying up my study has turned up my 11th tachinid of the year in Voria ruralis - equal to last year's tally. It's been recorded in the county but not by me so another one on the list with a tick beside it. This poor specimen has been languishing on a pin since September! (this isn't as long as the pipunculid I have waiting for me, which against all the odds still has its head)

It was nice also to find a mature male Polydesmus angustus millipede in some leaf litter bothering. It's noted as widespread and common in the county but I haven't knowingly seen it before. Luckily I was able to overcome my aversion to millipedes enough to pot a couple. Not that I'm afraid of millipedes. I just feel like I have a low success rate with IDs and I find them mysteriously frustrating.

I had put my moth gear in the loft because of a planned garage conversion but since it's now not happening until January I might have to retrieve it to have a go at picking up some of the few commonish winter moths

(On reviewing and combining species lists from Dalgety Bay and adding some historic ones I discovered that I had recorded Chestnut moth THREE times this year. I know it's not exactly memorable, but still. Also a double count of Swallow-tailed Moth leaves me actually at 1389)

Polydesmus angustus

Voria ruralis

1383 * fungus Uncinula bicornis A mildew
1384 fungus Melanotus horizontalis A fungus
1385 diptera Phytomyza chaerophylli An agromyzid fly
1386 slime mould Physarum globuliferum A slime mould
1387 * millipede Polydesmus angustus A flat-backed millipede
1388 fungus Panaeolus fimicola A mushroom
1389 fungus Phoma samararum A fungus
1390 coleoptera Quedius fumatus A rove beetle
1391 * diptera Chromatomyia lonicerae An agromyzid fly
1392 * diptera Voria ruralis A tachinid fly

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