Saturday, April 15, 2017

Aberbargoed - River

Had to pull away from work early to collect an interesting looking millipede from Emma Williams. It looks to be an Ommatoiulus sp of some sort but doesn't match anything currently on the British list...another interesting colliery spoil find. Having a couple of minutes to kill we went in search of the pignut rust. Didn't find any but several other rusts were found. 

Didn't cheat on the rusts as i made sure we both found some. :p

506..Halyzia sedecimguttata – Orange Ladybird
507..Anguis fragilis – Slow-worm
508..Pucciniastrum epilobii (Rust on Willowherb)
509..Puccinia aegopodii (Rust on Ground Elder)
510..Peronospora oerteliana (Downy mildew on Primrose)
511..Enteridium lycoperdon (False Puffball)
512..Kuehneola uredinis (Pale Bramble rust)
513..Centranthus ruber – Red Valerian


  1. Heck you are storming along on your way to smashing the 1000 species! And I shall have to stop dropping hints for you, lol. Great stuff mate, 550 by end of month or you aiming for 600 before May?

  2. Hopefully 600 if i get the trap up and running. Would like more hints though lol...especially when it comes to flies.

    Realised i can't count and i'm on 512. :)