Friday, April 28, 2017

Yeovil ST 52 17

Last working day of April so time to update what I have managed to add this month.
Didn't make it to 300 as I had hoped but finished April on 285.
This is made up of;
Lichens 5, Fungi 4, Bryophytes 3, Higher Plants 139, Mammals 6, Birds 49, Amphibians 1, Fish 1, Mollusc 6, Spiders 4, Annelids 3, Myriapods 2, Orthoptera 1, Hemiptera 4, Butterflies 9, Moths 4, Diptera 15, Hymenoptera 17, Coleoptera 9 and Insects (Other groups) 2.

Its not just the numbers (of course! and I would say that given my position in the table!) just making myself look in more detail at things has given several lifers this month in what, in truth, is a very 'ordinary' square.



  1. Month ain't over yet buddy! I spent a lot of time checking Tutsan for its associated fungal rust all over my square. And where did I eventually find it? In the garden behind a wall I was jetwashing - probably one of the most 'ordinary' spots on my patch. But that's the great thing about PSL, you don't have to travel far for interesting finds. 285 species in the confines of a 1ksq really is a great tally by April anyway, don't sell yourself short just coz the rest of us are nutters! :D

  2. A couple of years ago I would have thought 285 by this time was a near miracle! Pretty solid start I would say

  3. Thank you both, and Seth's final comment certainly made me smile!
    Looking forward to May.