Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Horsey Corner - Swollen Syphunculi

Don't often look at aphids, but caught quite a few distinctive looking ones the other day - a bit of investigation showed them to be Hyperomyzus pallidus, which uses Sonchus as a host plant at this time of year - lots of Perennial Sow Thistle (and also Marsh Sow Thistle) round here, so that's presumably where they came from. A reasonable number of autumn moths recently, plus a sweet little baby Grass Snake in the garden. The Red Deer stags are bellowing away this morning, don't want to get too close to them...

Hyperomyzus pallidus

Flounced Chestnut

Feathered Thorn

Merveille du Jour
1903 Psallus varians Hemipteroids Mirisae
1904 * Chamaepsylla hartigi Hemipteroids Psyllidae
1905 * Ophion crassicornis Hymenoptera Ichneumonidae
1906 * Netelia fuscicornis Hymenoptera Ichneumonidae
1907 Keijia tincta Arachnids Theridiidae
1908 * Ichneumon xanthorius Hymenoptera Ichneumonidae
1909 Lasioglossum lativentre Hymenoptera Lasioglossum - Furry-claspered Furrow Bee
1910 Cyphon coarctatus Coleoptera Scirtidae
1911 Hylyphantes graminicola Arachnids Linyphiidae
1912 Andrena synadelpha Hymenoptera Andrenidae: Broad-margined Mining Bee
1913 Anoplus plantaris Coleoptera Weevil
1914 Platycheirus angustatus Diptera Syrphidae
1915 Agriotes sputator Coleoptera Elateridae
1916 Brachypterus urticae Coleoptera Nitidulidae
1917 Dichonia aprilina Lepidoptera:moths Merveille du Jour
1918 Xanthia aurago Lepidoptera:moths Barred Sallow
1919 Eugnorisma glareosa Lepidoptera:moths Autumnal Rustic
1920 Cerodontha incisa Diptera Agromyzidae
1921 Agrochola lota Lepidoptera:moths Red-line Quaker
1922 Dolichopus trivialis Diptera Dolichopodidae
1923 Dolichopus popularis Diptera Dolichopodidae
1924 Halidamia affinis Hymenoptera Symphyta
1925 Natrix natrix Reptiles Grass Snake
1926 Minettia rivosa s.l. Diptera Lauxaniidae
1927 * Hyperomyzus pallidus Hemipteroids Aphidinae
1928 Chamaepsila rosae Diptera Psilidae
1929 * Helina reversio Diptera Muscidae
1930 * Calliopum simillimum Diptera Lauxaniidae
1931 Agrochola helvola Lepidoptera:moths Flounced Chestnut
1932 Colotois pennaria Lepidoptera:moths Feathered Thorn

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