Thursday, December 20, 2018

Dalgety Bay - that Ot-ter do it

Seasons greetings to all!

As my working year draws swiftly to a close I'm going to sign off on 2018. Preparations are well under way for two squares in 2019.

I shall be visiting my old and most faithful patch Cullaloe (Cul-LA-loe) Reservoir SWT reserve - blog: Cataloguing Cullaloe. I hope to get to 1500 there partially since I know where a lot of the stuff is already. I'll be looking to add a couple of 100 species to the list though, especially since I didn't really do flies there before.

I'll also be throwing in my number one vismigging site at Inverkeithing - blog: Divit Watch. Inverkeithing is known locally as The Divit, no idea why! It's much closer to my work and accessible more easily at lunchtimes. I've seen some cracking things there before including the below otter, Leach's Petrel, Pilot Whales (the latter not in the square though).

So I'll declare at 1404, and not being really competition inclined I won't make any attempt to get past 1407 until I can do it properly - my Cullaloe target will be 1500. If I do come across a waxwing I'll add it, though it may be next year before I can (out of office).

It's been a lot of fun and particularly our meeting on Skye. Everyone made it over 1000 and as for Tim's total it gave me that Andy Murray feeling - I could only "win" if the proper good players were injured! Well played, everyone.

Here's an old favourite from Inverkeithing:

Until next time!

1400 * fungus Ascochyta pseudacorus A pyrenomycete fungus
1401 fungus Xylaria longipes Dead Moll's Fingers
1402 lep-moth Epiritta dilutata November Moth
1403 * fungus Plagiostoma inclinata A fungus
1404 * flowering plant Ilex x altaclerensis Highclere Holly


  1. And festive greetings to you. Great to meet up earlier in the year and good luck with next year. (also I will be doing 2 squares next year, so that's 4 to start with!)

  2. Great result for the year Ali, and good luck for both your squares for next year. Not sure what I'm doing next year (probably still identifying stuff from this year!) but I doubt that I'll do a 1 km square again.

    Pete, what squares are you doing, new ones or your existing ones?

    Ali, are you still considering a get together? I've booked a week in the Yorkshire Dales next May, hope to get Lady's Slipper at Gait Barrows and some of the Teesdale "assemblage" in Upper Teesdale. Also thinking of a few days in the New Forest/Dorset/Devon for some dragonflies and butterflies amongst other things.

    1. The Thorne square plus 1 new one somewhere around Bridport.
      Would definitely be up for a meeting, keep me posted.
      Plus I plan a week-end visit to Norfolk sometime in the summer and it would be great to visit the most species rich 0.02Ha in the UK!

  3. Yorkshire dales sounds great. Might be able to make a weekend. Why not do a square in York's for a week. Probably make 1k! ;)

  4. Whaaaaat? You can't quit now! Stop being silly and go find those extra 4, freshwater algae will easily do it (waiting for that final still have over two days left :D )