Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Aberbargoed - Ocys tachysoides

Not much else to add as not really had a chance to get out due to work and abysmal weather everytime I'm free.

My outing on the February 19 over to Brithdir bank took me past this structure that spans the Rymney River. The metal slope is often full of leaf litter, small twigs etc and is always good for a rummage. Searching through this produced some small Carabids which i provisionally identified all as Ocys harpaloides (also took two from the pillar itself). Getting these home i realised that some looked similar to that new one that had recently been confused with O. harpaloides.

Needing a second opinion, i waited until i was on the Blue Ground Beetle workshop down in Neath, as John Walters and Steve Bolchover were attending. Steve B was the first i bumped into so he had the specimen.

The article on both Ocys below

Steve has promptly replied (by email) that its spot on for Ocys tachysoides, so i'm happy with that.
John Walters, Steven Falk etc on Blue Ground Beetle workshop...nothing at all to do with my square.

274..Lumbricus rubellus (Earthworm)
275..Kindbergia praelonga (Moss)
276..Tortula muralis (Moss)
278..Ocys tachysoides (Beetle)


  1. Cheat! Rotten cheat! Although I did have Mark Telfer join me for a day during my 2013 attempt, so I reckon I'll let you off for getting help with the Ocys ID. Good hit too, mate :)

  2. Haha, it's only a little cheat. Been tempted to entice George Tordoff to the square for a Bryo bash but i'm sure i'd be caught out with that. :)