Monday, March 13, 2017

Sand Point VC6

List building slowly but surely. Still need to wait for a few Weissia's capsules to mature but otherwise bryophytes are pretty much done. Lichens are next. I have a Pollenia to key out which should take my diptera list to double figures including 3 hoverflies. Two lifers since Friday: Scatopsciara quinquelineata one of the Sciarid flies and a fungus Anthracobia melaloma.

Algae 4
Slime Mould 1
Lichen 37
Fungi 5
Bryophytes 53
Vascular Plants 62
Cnidarians 1
Molluscs 4
Springtails 1
Hymenoptera 1
Coleoptera 2
Diptera 9
Birds 36
Mammals 3
Others 1
Total 220

Anthracobia melaloma

Scatopsciara quinquelineata

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