Monday, March 20, 2017


Had a nice Andrena apicata Scarce (Nb), a lifer which I'm well happy with. Found it settled on top of a large stone (under willow) sheltering from the rain...a nice common lizard under same stone.

A bit miffed as my means of uploading photos has broken, hoping to get this sorted soon as. Managed to get these uploaded before it gave up the ghost. So my next few updates may be lacking images...unless i've already got some on file.

406..Orchestes fagi (Beetle)

407..Isotomurus palustris (Springtail)

408..Endrosis sarcitrella (Moth)

409..Ophiodesmus albonanus (Millipede)
Ophiodesmus albonanus

410..Lacerta vivipara – Common Lizard
Lacerta vivipara – Common Lizard

411..Ribes uva-crispa – Gooseberry

412..Poa annua – Annual Meadow Grass

413..Dactylis glomerata – Cocksfoot

414..Andrena apicata – Large Sallow Mining-bee (lifer)
Andrena apicata – Large Sallow Mining-bee.

Tip of sternite 8 squared off

415..Vicia sativa – Common Vetch
416..Raven (forgot to add this from the beginning of the year)

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