Friday, June 30, 2017

Dalgety Bay, Fife - finally breaching 700!

Finally reached June target last night with one night to spare. Because of the rain it was a case of pulling out items from stock and working them through, though the Muscina took little time as I know the species and I obviously hadn't looked at it properly before. The Staph was a bit more tricky and I had to bite the bullet and accept that I just disagree with the key  on one couplet! (I cannot see the pronotum as "bending" under no matter how much I look).

Afterwards, when I realised that the rain had stopped, a quick walk added another couple of easy ones in the moth department. Probably two other moths to come too, but better nail down the ID first.

Muscina levida

Barred Straw

Marbled Minor agg. - not listed

698 Nephrotoma appendiculata A cranefly
699 Muscina levida A muscid fly
700 Bisnius fumitarius A rove beetle
701 Gandaritis pyraliata   Barred Straw
702 Scoparia ambigualis A micromoth


  1. Good man, just squeaked it in time huh! Pishing down and cold here at the mo. Yesterday I was wearing a hoodie beneath my coat and was still feeling a bit chilly - and tomorrow it's July FFS! I was hoping to be 3/4 way there by end of June, just not happening for me though.

  2. You probably have enough in stock to have made it. It might have been doable for me but 10 days away in June was always going to cost me. Pretty happy with where I am though. When I look back at my spreadsheet from February I can see my Q2 target was 672 (addition of group targets leading to non-obvious number) so actually this is an upwardly revised target.

  3. Nice one Ali. I had exactly the same problem with a Staph this week. I think the key needs an illustration. I had a Philonthus but keyed it to Quedius for this very reason. Muscina levida looks quite distinctive. Will have to keep an eye out for that one. I've only recorded M.prolapsa so far on the patch.