Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Past the 700 mark - a nice surprise

I was asked a few weeks ago to lead a Durham Wildlife Trust Botany Group outing on Waldridge Fell today,  so yesterday,  I did a little reconnaissance and today the group and myself spent a good 3 hours in a small bit of the square. We all seemed to enjoy it but it was only was I added them all up tonight I realised I had gone past the 700 mark - a nice surprise.

No moth trapping tonight and out of the square doing my National Plant Monitoring Scheme plots tomorrow and with some survey work on Thursday I'll not be adding any more to the totals for a few days.

Keith Robson
Waldridge (VC66)


  1. Recruiting plantologists to bunk the numbers up! Good move, I'll have to give that a go.

  2. Oh good Lord. I'm not even going to make the Europa league :D Congrats!