Friday, June 30, 2017

Yeovil end of June, update

Finished the month on 488 made up of ;
Plants 205, Bryophytes 3, Fungi 8, Lichens 14, Annelids 3, Crustacea 2, Spiders 9, Molluscs 9, Myriapods 2, Diptera 21, Hymenoptera 22, Coleoptera 22, Moths 58, Butterflies 16, Hemiptera 12, Orthoptera 3, Stoneflies 1, Odonata 9, Insects - other groups 2, Fish 1, Amphibians 3, Birds 56 and Mammals 7.

Highlights were White Wood-louse (excellent and never even knew it existed until started following PSL/1000 for 1ksq websites) and Hummingbird Hawkmoth which are always good to see.


  1. Well done Pete. Good to see you're still chipping away.

  2. Another hefty jump! Great work Pete, keep at it! Still to see a single amphibian, odonata or grasshopper up here and still only 3 species of butterfly. Actually, is your White Woodlouse the blind one that runs around in ant nests? Coz that reminds me that I haven't seen a single ant up here either. Crazy!

    1. Yes in an ant's nest. I know things are 'different' up your way but surely there must be some ants?!

    2. Well you'd hope so, wouldn't you lol. Kinda elusive litle buggers though - if they're here at all that is!

  3. Nice spread. Dunno where you guys find all these plants ;p