Sunday, January 7, 2018

Skye - Quarter of the Way There

Managed to nip out for an hour or so this afternoon with a 'need' to find a handful more species for the tally. The tide was relatively low so I headed straight for the beach and started turning stones as far down the shore as I could get. Bingo, spun one large rock and found myself eyeballing six or seven Shore Rocklings, another rock had a small Common Eel beneath it. A bit of Cladophera rupestris amongst the assorted wracks, Spirorbis spirorbis on the wrack blades, some Common Sorrel and Common Dog Violet in the roadside verges. Throw in the big patch of Rosebay Willowherb looking all dead and untickable - apart from the still attached seeds which are entirely countable - and it all tallies up to a rather pleasing 253 species. A full quarter of the way there in the opening week of the Challenge, I'm happy with that!

I only took one photo today, this is it

If my hand looks as though its been in a fridge overnight - it was flippin cold out there today!


  1. Awesome. Gotta love a fish. I have none so far, but then I haven't found a place to look yet! Well done on the 25%

  2. Yes well done on the 25%. And very impressed with your 'Rock rolling' abilities!

  3. Cheers chaps, I intend to smash the 1000 this year!