Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Yeovil, first day back

First day back at work and a brief look round the square totalled 86 species.
Mammals 3, Birds 22, Higher plants 43, Fungi 3, Bryrophytes 1, lichen 11 and fungi 3.
Could of added enough higher plants in the vegetative state to get over 100 but prefer to count them when flowering. As Ali says what's the rush!

Anyway its a start.

Due to the lack of daylight at this time of the year visits to my other square SY 44 91 will have to wait until the weekend. This square is centred around the small village of Eype, near Bridport, DORSET. I hope to update on this square and post my targets for the year this week-end.


  1. Welcome back - it's almost as if you never went away! :) So it's official, you're the first person IN HISTORY to tackle two squares at the same time, and not even in the same county as each other!!! Hats off, looking forward to hearing all about them.

  2. Two squares will have to wait for retirement for me! Mind you if you get to count your fungi twice ;)