Sunday, January 14, 2018

Skye - This week, I 'ave been mostly strugglin'

Not much to add from last week's tally, mostly because the hotel is having the main reception/dining hall/toilets refurbed and I've been busy helping to create and then clear up the ensuing mess. And boy, what a mess! Several walls and partitions are no more, new walls and partitions are up, and the cables, don't even get me started on the cables! But also, I've a new housemate (thankfully short-term) who is driving me to distraction and largely preventing me from cracking on with IDs and stuff. I may run away until he moves on. But things have been seen, identified and logged. Not many, but some. 

Oligolophus hanseni - cunningly trapped in a home-made spi-pot type thingie....
The nitty gritty end of Phragmidium violaceum
Common Earwig - the only orthopteroid I've ever recorded from far...

Numbers wise I'm currently languishing on 272. I was sneakily hoping to hit 333 by the end of the month, but I think that's just pie in the Skye now. I was also supposed to be getting to grips with bryophytes this month. Hmmm, we shall see.

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  1. Sounds tricky, though I have a new kitchen coming this month including flooring so I expect that to cause me some issues. A good weekend though, so maybe 300 is possible. 250 ought to be this week