Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Skye - Marvellous

Still lots of stuff in pots/on pins to check, but an initial tally up after the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen departed would seem to have pushed me up to a marvellous 972 species. Oof, that's not too far short of twice the pace I set last year!!! 

Amazing how much fun you can have with a pile of dumped grass clippings - marvellous!
Epinotia tedella (now confirmed as new to Skye) - marvellous!
There's only one word to describe this particular bryophyte-bedecked concrete block - marvellous! 
A slightly fuller account will follow in due course. Right now I'm rather thrilled at having re-attained 21st position on the PSL Rankings Table. Bloody marvellous. There now follows a short BBC announcement, except for viewers in Scotland...


  1. Damn close! Wonder what would have happened if we'd started a fresh square and recorded everything (I know, I know ... sorry!)

  2. p.s. I see the top 20 is beckoning! Marvellous

  3. Talking of 20, my bryophyte list is now 20! To get into the top 50 on PSL it has to be 47. So much for that then...

  4. A very good effort with perhaps several species still to be confirmed. Very much looking forward to further updates and clarifications of status for Skye as they come in.
    Amazed that Ali and Tim have updated their PSL lists already - I am still inputting all the data in to my various spreadsheets.
    Well that's a long enough post from me, and I havn't used the M word once!