Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Skye - whoops!

Well it seems as though I forgot to go to bed yesterday and then spent today on a 24-hour midnight to midnight (well, midnight to 9pm - but I have stuff in pots to ID now) 1KSQ MegaBash.

My total has gone up.

And some.

More to follow when I've finished the IDs, finished the beers, finished the bottle of red, finished the rest of the (rather substantial) stash of chocolate sweets and finished the beers. Did I say that already? Been a long day...

For 18 months I've been the only guy in Uig who hadn't seen a Hedgehog in the woods.
Not any more!
EDIT: Initial end of day tally is 546 species, plus more in pots and stuff I've probably missed off. Not too shabby, my first time self-recording over 500 species in a day :) 


  1. Hooray for hedgehogs! Hooray for staying up! Looking forward to reading about what's new

  2. btw 546 is a great solo count given it's within the confines of a 1k square

  3. Awesome effort. And look forward to reading the blog when you have recovered from sleep deprivation.

  4. Cheers chaps, had myself a good seven hours kip last night so am pretty much back on track re sleep patterns. The good news is that I've found a whole heapload more goodies to show you when you're up here. Don't forget your notebooks and pens, chaps :)

  5. Oh, I added 88 species yesterday which isn't too shabby when you're already high into the 700s! I'm almost seven weeks ahead of myself compared with last year's tally. Happy days. 1000 by end of July???

  6. That's amazing Seth, 88 new species in a day must be a record, surely?

    1. I bettered it on 1st Jan, haha. But yeah, none to shabby considering. Thanks buddy.