Friday, August 17, 2018

Dalgety Bay - Fife fauna's fresh found flesh fly

A nice find yesterday in the form of the sarcophagid Macronychia striginervis

A pretty scarce fly all round it seems and a first for Scotland at some remove from the next record south (per NBN, usual caveats apply). It's been given the all clear from NMS though so that's encouraging.

Macronychia striginervis, f.

Not surprisingly the bulk of the numbers for the foreseeable will be made up of some ordering of fly-moth-fungus. Still pretty gloomy and damp here but the seaside Sonchus is getting a lot of attention along with the oraches and fading thistles. Lot of Episyrphus. Lot of Syritta pipens. Lot of Syrphus. Hopefully in among it will be some other gems like the above.

1152 diptera Tachina fera Tachinidae
1153 fungus Scleroderma citrinum Common Earthball
1154 diptera Platycheirus granditarsus A hover fly
1155 * coleoptera Bradycellus verbasci A ground beetle
1156 * lep-moth Epinotia ramella A micro moth
1157 fungus Armillaria mellea Honey Fungus
1158 * lep-moth Cirrhia icteritia Sallow
1159 diptera Cheilosia pagana A hover fly
1160 * diptera Macronychia striginervis A flesh fly
diptera Dexiosoma caninum A tachinid fly
1162 lep-moth Dysstroma citrata Dark Marbled Carpet

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  1. That's a great record Ali, Manchester appears to be the most northerly record on NBN. There is a dot in East Norfolk, but not one of mine.