Friday, August 24, 2018

Dalgety Bay- plodding

Still plugging away at the square but feels like cycling uphill. I know because this morning I cycled uphill. You feel like you're getting there but not quickly! About 3 a day currently, which is more or less enough to get to 1200 by month end in as unspectacular a way imaginable.

I have managed two new for county species though, so quality over quantity perhaps - Viburnum Beetle, Pyrrhalta viburni, and Mydaea nebulosa are both unrecorded from VC85. The beetle is about the north of its range, though that seems to be moving. The fly seems very scattered in distribution and I couldn't discern anything about its preferences from the books.

The moth trap has had decent numbers of moths on warmer nights but mostly nothing new, and last night there were more flies than moths - single digits of both. Temperature must have dropped off a bit. Again nothing new although I did put something in a pot in a bleary-eyed just-woke-up sort of way and it may turn out to be an addition.

Canadian Goldenrod

Viburnum Beetle
1172 fungus Pluteus cervinus Deer Shield
1173 diptera Eristalis horticola A hover fly
1174 diptera Cheilosia bergenstammi Syrphidae
1175 lep-moth Apamea lithoxylaea Light Arches
1176 coleoptera Pyrrhalta viburni Viburnum Beetle
1177 flowering plant Solidago canadensis Canadian Goldenrod
1178 lep-moth Pandemis heparana Dark Fruit-tree Tortrix
1179 diptera Mydaea nebulosa A muscid fly
1180 fungus Inocybe geophylla A fibrecap mushroom

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  1. Agree that its all a bit slow going at the moment. But the main fungi season should start soon.