Tuesday, August 28, 2018

End of Year feel...

It's only late August and there's over four months to go until the end of the year, but it feels a bit as though the year end is almost upon us. Clearly it's not, although the peak insect period has passed. Hope to get some nice autumn bird migrants, and will try to do a bit more on fungi over the next few weeks. We've had some reasonable rain over the past couple of weeks, which has freshened things up a bit, but I've done very little collecting away from the garden recently. A Willow Emerald in the garden this morning has taken me up to the 1800 mark, and quite a few lifers recently, as per the list below. I've also started on looking at stuff collected earlier in the summer - a whole winter's work there to look forward to.

1765 Marasmius rotula Fungi Collared Parachute
1766 Mycena tenerimma Fungi Frosty Bonnet
1767 * Miyagia pseudosphaeria Fungi Rust on Sonchus palustris
1768 * Xylaria longipes Fungi Dead Moll's Fingers
1769 * Anoscopus flavostriatus Hemipteroids Hemiptera
1770 Pyrausta despicata Lepidoptera:moths Straw-barred Pearl
1771 Opilio canestrinii Arachnids Harvestman
1772 Endothenia quadrimaculana Lepidoptera:moths Blotched Marble
1773 Polyommatus icarus Lepidoptera:butterflies Common Blue
1774 Stigmella speciosa Lepidoptera:moths Leaf mine on Sycamore
1775 Hyles gallii Lepidoptera:moths Bedstraw Hawk-moth
1776 Lestes sponsa Odonata Emerald Damselfly
1777 Morellia hortorum Diptera Muscidae
1778 Vespa crabro Hymenoptera Hornet
1779 Himacerus major Hemipteroids Grey Damsel Bug
1780 Helina depuncta Diptera Muscidae
1781 Agriphila geniculea Lepidoptera:moths Elbow-stripe Grass Veneer
1782 Trifolium pratense Vascular Plants Red Clover
1783 Dolichopus nubilus Diptera Dolichopodidae
1784 * Sarcophaga melanura Diptera Sarcophagidae
1785 * Phaonia rufiventris Diptera Muscidae
1786 Atethmia centrago Lepidoptera:moths Centre-barred Sallow
1787 Schrankia costaestrigalis Lepidoptera:moths Pinion-streaked Snout
1788 Epinotia ramella Lepidoptera:moths Crescent Bell
1789 Poecilus versicolor Coleoptera Carabidae
1790 Caliadurgus fasciatellus Hymenoptera Pompilidae
1791 Sarcophaga caerulescens Diptera Sarcophagidae
1792 * Sarcophaga carnaria Diptera Sarcophagidae
1793 * Orius horvathi Hemipteroids Anthocoridae
1794 * Limnophora triangula Diptera Muscidae
1795 Delia radicum Diptera Anthomyiidae
1796 * Lucilia silvarum Diptera Calliphoridae
1797 * Macrophya ribis Hymenoptera Symphyta
1798 * Anthomyia liturata Diptera Anthomyiidae
1799 Oxytelus laqueatus Coleoptera Staphylinidae
1800 Lestes viridis Odonata Willow Emerald Damselfly


  1. There's a cold wind blowing these last coupe of days and the leaves are on the turn. The compound microscope's getting a lot more time these days!

  2. I see you will shortly be 1000 ahead of me!