Monday, January 16, 2017

Skye - Moffs n stuff

Just had my first macro moth of the year arrive, a lovely male Mottled Umber. He (females are wingless) was sat on the wall inside the laundry shed, I potted it up and shook him onto the window sill outside. This is how it landed

"I meant to land like this...honest"

Spent yesterday afternoon digging up worms and bivalves on the beach (really low tides here at the moment) and was handsomely rewarded with a large Sand Gaper and several new worms. It was nicer than it sounds! Here are a couple of pics

Blow Lug (Arenicola marina)
Butterfish (Pholis gunnellus) - well, almost looks like a worm!
Species List as of 16th January 2017 stands at 231. I'll give a breakdown soon.


  1. Here's a handy video for you:

    Don't forget the correct common name for razor clam is "spoot"

  2. Good link, just need to get myself a Clamhound as per the vid :) 1km Square List is up to 239 species as of 17th Jan. Almost there already.....hahahahaha!!!

  3. Up to 245 species as of 19th Jan. Primrose, Daffodil, Bluebell and Snowdrop all starting to burst into life this past coupla days. Should make it to a quarter of the target by end of January. Hopefully.