Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Night moves

Having seen Tree Slug in my garden a couple of squares away I headed off with head torch to nail it down in the Golden Square, which duly happened - hurrah!

While I was there I thought it was worthwhile poking about a bit on tree bark. One of my neighbours who was walking his dog with a torch enthusiastically joined in and so racked up an "assist" on Common Earwig. I think I'll also record him as a human. I'm more or less sure he is.

It was nice to get some spiders on the board finally. Of course I also came away with a small number of brain teasers to sort out (micro moth, uncertain slug, 2 or possibly 3 lichens)

Amaurobius similis, male

Labulla thoracica, female

Species additions 17/01/2017:
116 Labulla thoracica A spider
117 Amaurobius similis A spider
118 Arthonia radiata A lichen
119 Tenuiphantes tenuis A Linyphiid spider
120 Porcellio scaber Common Rough Woodlouse
121 Lehmannia marginata Tree Slug
122 Forficula auricularia Common Earwig
123 Dynamena pumila A hydrozoan
124 Limacus maculatus Green Cellar Slug
125 Homo sapiens human

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