Monday, February 12, 2018

Dalgety Bay - Dead Wood

Yesterday was a busy day but I managed a quick tour of the woods behind my house before a planned shopping trip. Big "return on investment" there with some expected but not yet sen species ticked and a couple of tree species that I haven't noticed anywhere else. These woods contain some pretty old trees and my understanding is that there used to be a lot more before our houses were built there.

A few seaside additions too, including a new seaweed for me which was identified during a one day conference on recording that I attended on Saturday.

Hoping to get to 400 before I go up north for a few days. You can see from the below chart how fast this year has been so far. CUL is my local SWT reserve and the initial date of 2014 is maintained because of the way the table's set up.


Lepidochitona cinerea

Sand Masons

Hysterium angustatum

Desmarestia aculeata

374 alga Choreocolax polysiphoniae An alga
375 alga Ulva lactuca Sea Lettuce
376 annelid Lanice conchilega Sand Mason
377 lep-moth Conistra vaccinii Chestnut
378 lep-moth Phigalia pilosaria Pale Brindled Beauty
379 mollusc Lepidochitona cinerea A Chiton
380 * alga Desmarestia aculeata A seaweed
381 coleoptera Notiophilus biguttatus A ground beetle
382 flowering plant Sedum album White Stonecrop
383 flowering plant Teucrium scorodonia Wood Sage
384 bird Pyrrhula pyrrhula Bullfinch
385 collembola Tomocerus minor A springtail
386 flowering plant Aesculus hippocastanum Horse-chestnut
387 flowering plant Corylus avellana Hazel
388 * fungus Costantinella terrestris A hyphomycete
389 fungus Exidiopsis calcea A fungus
390 fungus Geastrum triplex Collared Earthstar
391 fungus Hysterium angustatum A fungus
392 fungus Rosellinia aquila A fungus
393 fungus Sistotrema oblongisporum A fungus

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