Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Dalgety Bay - no drama

Ticking along with nothing dramatic happening. A lot of greenery is coming up and some very promising patches of Ground Elder are emerging. Most people hate the plant as a pernicious weed but since flies love it I also love it. I spent a happy month a couple of years back visiting a small patch of this on a regular basis.

A nice find was Hydrotaea dentipes. Not because of rarity - it's apparently the most widespread holarctic muscid! It's just a nice fly with some fun features. More about that here

Some expected species are finally creeping on, and about the same time as last year too. Water Carpet was new for my garden, but that's about it.

(How remiss of me! Here's a picture)

647 * diptera Hydrotaea dentipes A muscid fly
648 lep-moth Orthosia cruda Small Quaker
649 diptera Scathophaga stercoraria A fly
650 diptera Botanophila fugax  A flower fly
651 hymenoptera Andrena scotica Chocolate mining bee
652 lep-moth Lampropteryx suffumata Water Carpet
653 lep-moth Earophila badiata Shoulder Stripe


  1. I have carpets of Ground Elder here. Hmmm....just need some sunshine now!

    1. I think you'll have passed 800 by the time we come up in June. Wonder how far we'll get by the end of the weekend!

  2. Nice photo of the Water Carpet - a moth I still have not seen anywhere! Hope to rectify that sometime soon. And yes, to push Seth over or very near 1000 over THE WEEK-END would be great.

  3. No arguing with that, Pete! If the weather warms up and the light trap pulls in the species then I fully expect to be over 800 before you guys descend for "THE WEEK-END" :)