Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Steady increase including a few birds

Nice to get Ring Ouzel, Whimbrel and Bar-tailed Godwit from the garden today, although it doesn't feel that bird migration is in full swing yet. Moths still very slow although Agonopterix ocellana was new for the garden last night, species 1813 in the garden. Approaching the 600 mark and with a good forecast should continue to make reasonable progress.

574 Chaetocnema hortensis Coleoptera Chrysomelidae 16/04/2018
575 Eupithecia abbreviata Lepidoptera:moths Brindled Pug 16/04/2018
576 Selenia dentaria Lepidoptera:moths Early Thorn 16/04/2018
577 Orthosia gracilis Lepidoptera:moths Powdered Quaker 16/04/2018
578 Ceutorhynchus pallidactylus Coleoptera Curculionidae 16/04/2018
579 Polyploca ridens Lepidoptera:moths Frosted Green 17/04/2018
580 Agonopterix ocellana Lepidoptera:moths Red-letter Flat-body 17/04/2018
581 Badister bullatus Coleoptera Carabidae 17/04/2018
582 Turdus torquatus Birds Ring Ouzel 18/04/2018
583 Numenius phaeopus Birds Whimbrel 18/04/2018
584 Bembidion tetracolum Coleoptera Carabidae 18/04/2018
585 Anthomyia procellaris Diptera Anthomyiidae 18/04/2018
586 Liocoris tripustulatus Hemipteroids Mirid Bug 18/04/2018
587 Gymnocheta viridis Diptera Tachinidae 18/04/2018
588 Limosa lapponica Birds Bar-tailed Godwit 18/04/2018
589 Alopecurus pratensis Vascular Plants Meadow Foxtail 18/04/2018
590 Polygonia c-album Lepidoptera:butterflies The Comma 18/04/2018
591 Eristalis pertinax Diptera Syrphidae 18/04/2018
592 Stenodema calcarata Hemipteroids Miridae 18/04/2018
593 Fumaria officinalis Vascular Plants Common Fumitory 18/04/2018
594 Vicia tetrasperma Vascular Plants Smooth Tare 18/04/2018
595 Zyginidia scutellaris Hemipteroids Leafhopper 18/04/2018
596 Kleidocerys resedae Hemipteroids Lygaeidae, Birch Catkin Bug 18/04/2018
597 Bibio lanigerus Diptera Bibionidae 18/04/2018


  1. It's quite incredible the numbers that you and Ali are achieving for the time of year. You both would have completely blown everyone out of the water back when this started in 2013. Makes me wonder what the average mid-April tallies will be in 2020...

    As for moths - my trap blew away across the (sheltered!) garden couple of nights back...

  2. You're not doing so bad yourself, Seth...

  3. So many nice things we won't see. That Polyploca's a beauty. These numbers are a amazing to me as anyone else to be honest! I don't feel like I'm doing any more than last year but I do have more familiarity and the square is possibly more diverse

  4. Going back to Tim's harvested stats from the 1407 spp. record we are well ahead of the pace (612 end-ish May after a stonking >200spp month). Seth took the early pace setting and it looks like my run at the front is shortly coming to an end. If we keep on it though who knows? "Officially" my aim is still to get to 1k. Let's see how I feel at that point.