Saturday, April 21, 2018

Spring clean your conservatory!

I cleaned out part of our small conservatory yesterday to enable our tomato plants to be put in place, both for their fruit and for the shade they provide when the sun shines in the summer. Lurking in the dusty corners were Steatoda nobilis and Scotophaeus blackwalli, whilst Steatoda bipunctata made an appearance this morning, three nice additions to the year list. A close range flyover Red Kite was also good value, plus there are a few signs that the mothing is starting to pick up, with a Streamer and 2 Nut-tree Tussocks amongst a few new for the year.

606 Pardosa amentata Arachnids Lycosidae 19/04/2018
607 Dicranomyia mitis Diptera Cranefly 19/04/2018
608 Anthocoris confusus Hemipteroids Anthocoridae 19/04/2018
609 Epuraea melanocephala Coleoptera Nitidulidae 19/04/2018
610 Scolopostethus thomsoni Hemipteroids Lygaeidae 19/04/2018
611 Anotylus complanatus Coleoptera Staph. 19/04/2018
612 Endrosis sarcitrella Lepidoptera:moths White-shouldered House Moth 19/04/2018
613 Agonopterix arenella Lepidoptera:moths Brindled Flat-body 19/04/2018
614 Anticlea derivata Lepidoptera:moths The Streamer 19/04/2018
615 Colocasia coryli Lepidoptera:moths Nut-tree Tussock 19/04/2018
616 Gymnoscelis rufifasciata Lepidoptera:moths Double-striped Pug 19/04/2018
617 Oenanthe oenanthe Birds Northern Wheatear 20/04/2018
618 Steatoda nobilis Arachnids Theridiidae 20/04/2018
619 Milvus milvus Birds Red Kite 20/04/2018
620 Epuraea aestiva Coleoptera Nitidulidae 19/04/2018
621 Nomada goodeniana Hymenoptera Gooden's Nomad Bee 20/04/2018
622 Scotophaeus blackwalli Arachnids Mouse Spider 20/04/2018
623 Steatoda bipunctata Arachnids Theridiidae 21/04/2018
624 Riparia riparia Birds Sand Martin 21/04/2018
625 Thlaspi arvense Vascular Plants Field Penny-cress 21/04/2018
626 Equisetum arvense Vascular Plants Field Horsetail 21/04/2018

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  1. Lovely moth. Wouldn't mind one. But I did manage to snag a Streamer, which is also lovely