Tuesday, April 24, 2018

I take it back

Well, it seems you do get Fannia down here as I caught a Fannia mollissima in the garden today. Quite a few other new flies as well, plus a few new moths and birds, including 6 lifers from the garden. Plus Mick Saunt's piccies of the Pallid Harrier. If I had been standing in my garden at the right time I could have seen it, although to the best of my knowledge it hasn't come into the 1 km square yet.

627 Numenius arquata Birds Curlew 21/04/2018
628 Syrphus vitripennis Diptera Syrphidae 21/04/2018
629 Perapion hydrolapathi Coleoptera Apionidae 21/04/2018
630 Rhamphomyia subcinerascens Diptera Empididae 21/04/2018
631 Syrphus ribesii Diptera Syrphidae 21/04/2018
632 Phaonia errans Diptera Muscidae 21/04/2018
633 * Cheilosia urbana Diptera Syrphidae 21/04/2018
634 Motacilla flava Birds Yellow Wagtail 22/04/2018
635 Sylvia communis Birds Whitethroat 22/04/2018
636 Anthobium atrocephalum Coleoptera Staph. 21/04/2018
637 Nomada ruficornis Hymenoptera Fork-jawed Nomad Bee 22/04/2018
638 Calliphora vomitoria Diptera Calliphoridae 22/04/2018
639 Elachista rufocinerea Lepidoptera:moths Red-brindled Dwarf 22/04/2018
640 Pheosia tremula Lepidoptera:moths Swallow Prominent 22/04/2018
641 Limnephilus marmoratus RSO Caddis Fly 22/04/2018
642 Cryptomyzus ribis Hemipteroids Aphid gall on red currant 23/04/2018
643 * Nomada panzeri Hymenoptera Panzer's Nomad Bee 23/04/2018
644 Ribes sanguineum Vascular Plants Flowering Currant 23/04/2018
645 * Azelia nebulosa Diptera Muscidae 23/04/2018
646 * Phytomyza ranunculi Diptera Agromyzidae 23/04/2018
647 * Lophosceles cinereiventris Diptera Muscidae 24/04/2018
648 * Fannia mollissima Diptera Fanniidae 24/04/2018


  1. The rest of us have been chatting, if you DO get Pallid Harrier from the garden we're gonna disqualify Norfolk from the 1KSQ Challenge. Just put it down to sheer jealousy.... :D

  2. Definitely getting on a roll now! Pallid Harrier isn't even a first for Britain, so it's not THAT good ;)