Sunday, May 26, 2013

Durham 40% there

Two days of some sun and heat helped greatly on the quest. Yesterday my total was 390 but the moth trap overnight produced a grand total of zero. So a concentrated effort was needed today and I just scraped to 400 thanks to 3 day-time moths, 3 hoverflies, a cuckoo Bee, 2 common plants and a butterfly. Mind you, it took over an hour and a half searching before I  finally got one of my patches specialities, Green Hairstreak and another hour or so keying out the hoverflies, but it was worth it, as one of the latter was a new one for me.  Hard work but quite a bit of fun this listing lark. So the latest ten additions are -

391. Cauchas (Adela) rufimitrella - Longhorn moth on the big patch of alliaria in the South Burn woods
392. Wild Cherry - kept forgeting to look for it as there are only a few wild trees around.
393. Ox-eye Daisy - on the grassy road verge.
394. Helophilus hybridus - half a dozen of this hoverfly on the dark pool by the carpark on the fell
395. Brown Silver-lines - flushed this moth from the heather
396. Green Longhorn (Adela reaumurella) - Another Longhorn moth, displaying on the heather
397. Nomada marshamella - a Cuckoo bee visiting the Ashy Mining Bee nest holes along the sandy footpath
398. Green Hairstreak - checked the main colony area but no sign of any for the 2nd year running. A single elsewhere, clinging to the gorse and on the ground was all I got for all that searching
399. Melanostoma scalare - Hoverfly, potted up and checked when I got home.
400. Cheilosia bergenstammi- keyed out this hoverfly several times to check so I'm fairly confident I have correctly id'd it. New for me.

Green Hairstreak (love the eye-liner)

Actual Expected
Birds   71 70
Vascular Plants   178 400
Mosses & Liverworts  40 50
Lichens   12 12
Fungi & Slime Moulds   9 20
Terrestrial Mammals   6 8
Butterflies   9 20
Moths   29 350
Dragonflies    0 9
Hoverflies   6 25
Other inverts   39 50
Amphibians & Reptiles   1 5
Aggregates & hybrids (not included)      13
TOTAL 400 1019

Keith Robson
NZ2549 (Co. Durham)

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