Friday, May 31, 2013

Sand Point sails past 400

A very productive day and as always I start off wondering if I will find anything new.  A moth night from two days ago bumped the list up a bit putting me on 389 leaving home this morning for the patch.
The highlight of today was finding a new moth Pammene rhediella but the day was full of interesting bugs with Centrotus cornutus Treehopper, Philodromus cespitum Spider, Tenthredo notha Sawfly, Gooden's Nomad Bee, Red-headed Cardinal Beetle and Seioptera vibrans Diptera. Being a bird and moth man the rest is a struggle when it comes to ID's but I'm making progress slowly but surely. Plants I've managed to ID today are Wild Strawberry, Broad-leafed Dock, Sea Plantain and Greater Celandine.
By this evening my total now stands at 409.

Centrotus cornutus Treehopper

Seioptera vibrans

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