Thursday, May 16, 2013


As I drove home this evening (another long day at work) the outlook was a little ominous and I noted a few Swifts zooming around low in the sky. Almost immediately that I reached the boundary to my square just a hundred meters or so from home, one zoomed into view and onto my square list. Nice! Not quite the landmark others achieved with this species but welcome all the same. Still no bloody Chiffchaff though!

Although it was late, I headed out into the square for some hopeful sweeping in the last glimmer of daylight, and along with some flowers and a couple of grasses I managed to add a few bits before lightning and thunder claps heralded a hailstorm and torrential rain. I got soaked on the way home, and sadly what had looked to be a promising night with the moth traps was completely washed out.

Aceria ulmicola observed under microscope - have to say the external gall looks more exciting. Parornix finimitella swept from blackthorn. I've also got a couple of Pterostichus beetles from my dry pitfall trap in the garden which I'm scratching my head over.

Coleophora sp. from the garden has made a new case and is feeding away - should be able to confidently name this one in a day or so. I've also still got the beetle larva (pres Dermestidae) which seems to be happily muching bits of dead insects.

Up to 425 - I need some decent garden moth trapping and some fine weekend weather to have another boost.

Taxon Vernacular Date Added
425 Vicia sativa Common Vetch 16/05/2013
424 Hypena proboscidalis Snout (larval) 16/05/2013
423 Phyllobius roboretanus Small Green Nettle Weevil 16/05/2013
422 Parornix finitimella (micromoth) 16/05/2013
421 Aceria ulmicola (gall mite) 16/05/2013
420 Bromus hordeaceus Common Soft-brome 16/05/2013
419 Veronica chamaedrys Germander Speedwell 16/05/2013
418 Anaspis maculata (beetle) 16/05/2013
417 Miris striatus (bug) 16/05/2013
416 Anisantha sterilis Barren Brome 16/05/2013
415 Elachista rufocinerea (micromoth) 16/05/2013
414 Apus apus Common Swift 16/05/2013
413 Lauria cylindracea Common Chrysalis Snail 15/05/2013
412 Dasysyrphus venustus (hoverfly) 11/05/2013

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  1. ...and I still haven't had a Willow Warbler! Crazy. I'm not expecting it now until August