Thursday, May 16, 2013

The North in May

Just back from my holidays in Majorca and expected to see spring at last on my return. Instead, yesterday was driving rain in a strong and cold easterly wind and an overnight temperature of 4C. And I missed a Collared Flycatcher while I was away.

So I'm a long way behind where I thought I would be now and the moth trap in particular has been, not surprisingly, very unproductive.  The worst ever by this time, I suspect (though I haven't checked yet). Hopefully the next 2 weeks will improve and I can start to catch up.  It can only get better.

So the list is on 334  with the breakdown as follows.

                                     Actual  Expected
Birds  69                  70
Vascular Plants  139 400
Mosses & Liverworts 40 50
Lichens  12 12
Fungi & Slime Moulds  9 20
Terrestrial Mammals  6 8
Butterflies  3 20
Moths  15 350
Dragonflies  0 9
Hoverflies  3 25
Other inverts  37              50
Amphibians & Reptiles  1 5
TOTAL 334 1020

Aggregates & hybrids (not included) - 12

NZ2549 Waldridge, Co. Durham

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