Monday, May 1, 2017

Dalgety Bay, Fife - Marbled Coronet

An absolute belter of a moth on the square on Friday night - Marbled Coronet. The first one was netted on the coastal path directly where its food plant is - Sea Campion. Another was found in the trap that we ran for a couple of hours - the only thing in it! There's certainly no shortage of the food plant oin the area so probably a decent population here. A few other bits and bobs added over the weekend but nothing to set the heather on fire and Sunday was spent bothering fungi somewhere else. All ticking along nicely though.

506 Criorhina floccosa A hoverfly
507 Hadena confusa Marbled Coronet
508 Earophila badiata Shoulder Stripe
509 Drepanosiphum platanoidis Sycamore aphid
510 Dilophus febrilis Fever Fly
511 Erisyphe galleopsidis A mildew on Lamium leaves

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