Sunday, May 21, 2017

Skye - Mostly Moths and Plants

I'm still sub-600 but I'm inching ever closer. Might help if I tackled the backlog in the fridge/on pins.

576 - Common Carpet netted by day in the woods
577 - Small Phoenix on the wall by day
582 - Globeflower - lifer!
588 - Orchestes fagi tenanted mies - lifer!
589 - Feathered Thorn
Additions are as follows:

576 - Common Carpet (moth)
577 - Small Phoenix (moth)
578 - Groundsel (plant)
579 - Melancholy Thistle (plant)
580 - Common Valerian (plant)
581 - Broad Buckler-fern (plant)
582 - Globeflower (plant) - Lifer
583 - Norway Maple (plant)
584 - Nettle-tap (moth)
585 - Russian Comfrey (plant)
586 - Yarrow (plant)
587 - Bush Vetch (plant)
588 - Orchestes fagi (beetle) - Lifer
589 - Feathered Thorn (moth)
590 - Bugle (plant)
591 - Greater Plantain plant growing at my front gate (been there for weeks I reckon....)

Big push required, two more days to go and I get a day off. Will it be 600 up???


  1. You're doing well with the plants, never even heard of Globeflower, had to look it up. Interesting distribution, looks completely absent south of a line between the Severn Est and Ouse Washes.

  2. Gah - I expected the 600 to be smashed when I came in this morning. If I could bloody identify what I found over the weekend I'd be a damn site closer - weevils and Linyphiids! Oh, and a female Sarcophagid because the males are too easy ...

  3. Serious mental setback - my Microvelia turned out to be nymph Velia. Gutted and embarrassed. I may take solace in a great big bottle of something tonight. Meh. Though maybe the Globeflower will be open tomorrow. Hmmm... Reckon Christian is almost at the 1000 already. He's just gonna dump it on us any day now :D

  4. Why be embarassed? Mistakes are the inevitable consequence of doing something. Recent study for plant surveying reckoned false positives accounted for 3.4% of species listed. 3.4%! It means we have to score 1034 species to account for the ones that are bullshit ;) It does leave you one down though. Christian is going to crush it no doubt. I expect to finish the season trailing Paul by a margin too. Pretty pleased to be in the mix to be honest! Now go and get 600. Me declaring 6 first really would be embarassing!

  5. Just back from a coupla hours in ze woods.....