Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Yeovil end of May, update

Been slowly bumbling along and very happy to have reached over 400 by the end of May. At the start of the year I thought that, for me, 500 would be quite a good year end total. Now perhaps I can get past that.
I know I don't post much but have been enjoying (and often learning) from all your posts. Got to feel empathy for Seth, talk about Manic (First for Britain) and Depression (slightly major error) all in the space of a couple of weeks! (And I hope that comment does not appear too strong - we have all been there)

Anyway it appears that I finish May on 408 species made up as follows

Plants 187, Bryophytes 3, Fungi 7, Lichens 13, Annelids 3, Crustacea 1, Spiders 8, Molluscs 9, Myriopods 2, Odonata 4, Orthoptera 2, Hemiptera 9, Butterflies 12, Moths 29, Coleoptera 14, Hymenoptera 18, Diptera 18, Insect - other groups 3, Fish 1, Amphibians 3, Birds 55 and Mammals 7



  1. Haha - no worries Pete, live and learn eh? That's a very respectable jump to smash the 400 mark so quickly. Slowly bumbling along evidently works very well for you! Still not a sniff of any odonata, orthoptera or amphibians up here, plus your hemiptera, butterfly, diptera, hymenoptera and mammal totals are all higher than mine. I'm whuppin' ya on the lichens though! :)

  2. You're clearly going to break 500 by half way. Summer's only just started! You must be on track to do 1000. One major outcome I see from this exercise is I'm a horrible botanist :D (in my defence most of my square is gardens so I can't count anything!)