Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Sand Point VC6

Still progressing nicely despite the regular difficult species to key out. Weevils and Grasses are my pet hates at the moment. I have 3 books on grasses which has only served the purpose of confusing me even more. Keying out is followed by a fail, then I get annoyed and throw it in the bin. After half an hour when calmed down I remove from bin and repeat the cycle. On the plus side I'm enjoying the diptera at the moment and getting the odd new species.

Algae 7
Slime Mould 1
Lichen 49
Fungi 12
Bryophytes 64
Vascular Plants 126
Cnidarians 1
Molluscs 7
Arachnids 3
Myriapods 1
Crustaceans 3
Springtails 3
Orthopteroids 1
Hemipteroids 3
Hymenoptera 15
Coleoptera 30
Diptera 81
Butterflies 8
Moths 19
Remaining small orders 1
Birds 63
Mammals 5
Others 1
Total 504

Nyctia halterata

Schwenckfeldina carbonaria

Docosia moravica

Hilara clypeata


  1. 81! Nice. Congrats on breaching the 500. It certainly feels like a landmark. My target for diptera is more like that for 6 months. Totally with you on grasses. I have BSBI and Hubbard (Poland, Stace ...) hopeless. I can do a small handful at best.

  2. Thanks Ali, I'm glad I'm not the only that has trouble with grasses.

  3. Grass. That's the green stuff that I spend hours mowing and strimming, right? Good for sheep I believe. I should probably look at some soon. Meh...

    Well done on topping the 500, soon be at the 1000 :)

  4. Thanks Seth. I've got the hayfever coming next month so will hate the grass even more.