Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Skye - Getting lively at last

Been gorgeous weather here the past few days, and set to remain pretty pleasant for the next few days too. Insects have finally properly woken up and I'm keenly regretting having the bulk of my books in a loft-space in Southampton some 600+ miles away. I'm gonna have to get them somehow! 

The Ramsons Hoverfly Portevinia maculata, seen here on it's foodplant
Also on Ramsons was this lovely wee microfungus, one I've been looking out for ever since I learned of it's existence (ie since last week...)

Puccinia sessilis Ramsons Rust - simply stunning huh?
Ramsons - my absolute favourite member of the garlic family!
Water Carpet on the wall beneath a security light a couple of nights back
Hylobius abietis doing a prancing pony impression
If you're squeamish look away about five seconds ago...
This is a lamb carcass that I found on stones in the river bed. Not going to waste though, for amongst the clouds of blowflies I found this rather smart carrion beetle. This is Oiceoptoma thoracicum and a lifer for me, though I'm certain I've seen it before. 

Back to pretty things...

Male Green-veined White ssp thomsoni - FINALLY managed a pic!
Darn that annoying blade of grass (though it's probably a lifer whatever it is...) Note how the veins are actually a cunning mix of yelow and black presenting a 'green' impression. Green is actually a genuinely rare colour amongst our lepidoptera - Green Hairstreak being the sole butterfly with green scales and, rather surprisingly, only a handful of moffs exhibit green colouration. Though clearly the larval stages realise that being green has its advantages.

Anyway, the numbers as Ali would say

531 - Thyme-leaved Speedwell (plant)
532 - Ramsons Hoverfly Portevinia maculata (hoverfly)
533 - Water Mint (plant)
534 - Water Carpet (moff) - Lifer
535 - Depressaria radiella (another moff) - Lifer
536 - Pholcus phalangioides (spider)
537 - Cuckoo (bird)
538 - Whimbrel (bird)
539 - Whitethroat (bird)
540 - Small Tortoiseshell (butterfly)
541 - Cuckooflower (plant)
542 - Hylobius abietis (beetle) - Lifer
543 - Oiceoptera thoracicum (beetle) - Lifer
544 - Brown Trout (fish)
545 - Eristalis pertinax (hoverfly)
546 - Wood Anemone (plant)
547 - Ramsons Rust Puccinia sessilis (fungus) - Lifer


  1. I knew that Ramson's fly would be along any moment. Shame I have no Ramsons (that I know of). That is a very cheery, sunny sort of a list. Now you need to get Adella (Cauchas) rufimitrella on the cuckooflower. Beautiful micro and probably first for Skye. And they LOVE cuckooflower

  2. How very interesting that it goes for the exact same two foodplants as does Orange-tip, namely Cuckooflower and Garlic Mustard. If it's distribution here follows that of the butterfly it will be restricted to the southern end of Skye. That's not to say I wont be keeping an eye out for it up here at the top end (though with just two Cuckooflowers and no Garlic Mustard found thus far it could be a pointless exercise!)

  3. Scroll down a bit - definitely would be a first for Skye!

  4. I have shedloads of garlic miustard. Must look closer!