Sunday, March 31, 2013

A handful more...

Well the last couple of days have not exactly yielded a bonanza of goodies, and STILL no Chiffchaff. Moth-trap on tonight looking like it will make it three blank nights in a row. Got a few spiders and things on stand-by but only three more added, bringing the total for the end of the first quarter to 261:

259 - Spring Crocus - invoking the 2 metre from a garden fence rule (desperate times...)
260 - Common Frog - finally, under the hundredth log I've turned over!
261 - Common Polypody

Also, any pointers on this lichen would be appreciated. There's a load of it on the trunk of a large oak tree; I wondered if it might be Ramalina sp? Thanks.

Lichen on oak trunk

Spring Crocus (leaves 5 mm wide so Crocus vernus right?)

Nice to get an addition that doesn't require a microscope for once!

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