Saturday, March 23, 2013

Back again

Right, just had ten whole days away from my square and I'm positively champing at the bit for some 1KSQ action. I've the next two days off work so will head out there at some point. I've been looking forward to getting back for a wee while now, maybe I'll find the first few toads, or lizards, flies, bees, flowers?

But what happens? I'll tell you what happens.Snow. SNOW!?!?!? I don't flippin believe it. Stay tuned for...well, hopefully...some decent findings to keep that naughty Mr Mullis at bay!   :)


  1. Naughty eh .... those were the days!

  2. I've just had an amaaaaaazing idea: I'll simply add ALL the common summer migrants to my total to make sure I stay in the lead (I'll see them all in due course anyway, so it isn't really cheating) Any objections?

    PS - I'm only messing, what kind of a lunatic would do something as crazy as THAT, lol....

    PPS - apologies to any bewildered non-yearlisting birders out there ;)