Friday, March 8, 2013

Desperate times....

... call for counting a very mangled Brown Rat on the road. A few other little bits and bobs including both sexes of Dotted Border.

The female was wandering up a wall
Also this, which would appear to key out to Monacha cantiana.  From the NBN maps, I live in the penultimate 10k square of the main distribution westwards of this species so any confirmation would be appreciated. Up to 154.


  1. Rich, That's the unbanded form of one of the Cepaea species: C. nemoralis or C. hortensis. The yellow colour is the giveaway - Monacha cantiana is never yellow, more chalky with a pinkish flush near the mouth.

    1. That did worry me slightly but the spire was noticeably flattened and there was a small but distinct umbilicus too which led me to Monacha. The apparent yellow colour may be an artefact of the light (and the camera compensating for the blue) as it was a greyish white in real life.