Monday, March 11, 2013

Slow but steady progress

Seems a bit odd trumpeting my 150 when those around me are racing past the 300 mark but I'm on my target of ~70-75 per month whilst still hoping for a big acceleration come the summer & the aphid season...

Plenty of lifers since my last update though, which is good. Closing in on the 2000 species target I set myself to feel qualified to sign up to Mark's list of Pan-species listers.

79   Redwing (missed from the list earlier)
119 Derocerus reticulatum - finally gotten around to turning over a log (or in this case - a piece of MDF)
120 Common Duckweed
121 Heron
122 Lesser Celandine
123 Candelariella reflexa (Lifer)
124 Flavoparmelia caperata (Lifer)
125 Punctelia subrudecta (Lifer)
126 Lesser Yoke-moss (Lifer)
127 Vertagopus cinereus (Lifer) - plenty of them running around in the Yoke-moss.
128 Entomobrya multifasciata (Lifer) - probably also from the Yoke-moss, don't think my desk is its natural habitat
129 Pollenia griseotomentosa (Lifer) - found dead on the stairs. Had to go back & check my Pollenia rudis from January but that's correct too.
130 Canada Goose
131 Ramalina farinacea (Lifer)
132 Wavy Bitter-cress
133 Albugo candida (Lifer) - on the Wavy bitter-cress
134 Song Thrush
135 Stock Dove
136 House Sparrow
137 Dotted Border (Lifer)
138 Lonchoptera furcata
139 Goldcrest
140 Bombus terrestris
141 Hebrew Character
142 March Moth
143 Pied Wagtail
144 Bembidion lunulatum
145 Fox
146 Satelitte
147 Ophion obscuratus (Lifer) - Thanks to Richard Comont's twitter stream (went to his web resouces page, searched for Ophion and he'd just tweeted about finding one himself, together with the distinguishing characters)
148 Sylvicola fenestralis
149 Caloptilia semifascia (Lifer)
150 Crumomyia nitida  - Hoping my next milestone will be something more charismatic than a lesser dung-fly...

Got some weevils & staphs netted in that brief sunny period at the start of last week to have a go at, which will be fun...
I've also found crown-gall on some of the willow plantations in the square. I'm guessing as this is a bacterial gall I shouldn't count it?

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