Saturday, February 9, 2013

Five more for Shotesham TM2499

Hard going at the moment - looking forward to it warming up a bit and there being some more things I might recognise! However, five more species from today and all of them lifers. Three millipedes - the obvious Pill Millipede Glomeris marginata which I've certainly at least been shown before - plus two others which keyed out surprisingly easily - Proteroiulus fuscus + Cylindroiulus punctatus. Also in the dead wood I picked these from (plus some woodlice) I discovered, after getting home, I'd also picked up a small snail which I'm pretty happy is Discus rotundatus (albeit a bit of a small one). Finally, a bit more pond dipping got me my first identified mayfly nymph - the very common species Cloeon dipterum. These five put me on 182 species.

However, I have failed to definitively identify a centipede (perhaps Lithobius microps) and a leech (not a flippin clue). Also got a wolf spider on the common which I might have a go at tomorrow, along with two of last week's spiders I've been trying to pluck up courage for.

Moth-trap on tonight anyway, and already three Pale Brindled Beauty out there - fingers crossed again for Spring Usher or Small Brindled Beauty...

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  1. Fingers were clearly crossed effectively. Spring Usher and also March Moth last night. 184.