Friday, February 15, 2013

SP5595ish - slacking

Been ridiculously busy at work over the last week and a bit, and now I feel crappy with man-flu. Less than ideal for ticking stuff in a square. Managed to get out for some fresh air today at least, and found a few bits like some unexpected Snowdrops over 300M from the nearest garden. There were also a few bulbs pushing through along here - daffs perhaps. I've got some things to cross-check and ID so I'll update my total another time (though likely still under 140). One new thing for me today though was a complete fluke. I was photographing a few lichens, both for ID and for the sake of it, and as I did so this crawled into view and some of it just about into focus (click for bigger).....

There's enough detail though to ID this as Entomobrya nivalis based on the complete 'U' at the back end of the abdomen (vs E. intermedia). Quite why this springtail was c1.5M up a tree trunk poncing around on lichen though is anyones guess.

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