Saturday, February 2, 2013

Shotesham - Sat 2nd Feb

LOADS of stuff going on today, much of which I haven't yet made head or tail of, and now getting too late for more effort today so I'll summarise here. Moth trap added the micro Tortricoides alternella as well as unid (so far) spider and slug. I then left the square and took the kids to the dry ski slope in Norwich and jammed a flock of nine Cranes flying over. Not in my square, but somewhat pleasing nonetheless.

Then returned and wandered around the garden and the common and even took my pond-dipping net for its first outing. Definite additions so far are the woodlice Oniscus asellus and Porcellio scaber and their aquatic cousin Asellus aquaticus and the four plants Fen Bedstraw, Annual Meadow-grass, Mare's-tail and Common Sorrel. Also found a Corixidae sp. water bug but it was a female which the key didn't cover - boo.

Still on my desk/camera - slugs, spiders, mosses, fungi, snails, a big caddisfly larva from the stream, flies and a presumed tineid case. And another "thing" from the pond. It's all getting a bit tricky!

Enough for today. Currently 167.

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