Friday, February 22, 2013

SX9192 Retrospective - January.

Back in January we were blissfully unaware about the challenge.The only time we actually looked for wildlife in our home square was a brief lunchtime foray as a break from working at home.

Down in the lower cemetery a bit of dry litter between gravestones produced a few mini-beasts
1) Oedothorax fuscus - A money spider (lifer)
2) orchesella cincta - A springtail
3) dicyrtomina saundersi - A springtail
4) orchesella villosa - A springtail
5) Androniscus dentiger - Rosy Woodlouse
6) Philoscia muscorum - Common Striped Woodlouse
7) Cyphostethus tristriatus Juniper Shieldbug (lifer - Nicola's 4000th)
A hoverfly near comatose on a nearby wall
8)  Eristalis tenax Drone Fly
And a small cup fungus, later confirmed as
9) Peziza cera Cellar cup

There was certainly many more common things about but alas I wasn't paying attention!

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