Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nearly made it to 200...

Stung into action by Mr Lawlor's promotion to the premiership, I thought I'd better do a bit of work on this list today. It was nice that the sun finally came out too, and we enjoyed watching our bees ferrying pollen from the snowdrops and aconite back to the hives; still not found Winter Aconite outside a garden though.

Anyway, additions as follows:

Amaurobius similis - a spider, re-checked last week's one and confirmed.

Heterobasidium annosum - Root Fomes - a lumpy brackety fungus around a conifer stump in our chicken run.

Dacrymyces stillatus - Common Jellyspot - confirmed after uncertain record earlier this year

Orchesella villosa - a springtail - what a cool little thing, keyed from online key, seems fairly clear.

Lithobius forficatus - a centipede - very common species, found under a brick in the garden.

Oxychilus draparnaudi - Draparnaud's Glass Snail - happy with genus, and 12 mm wide, no garlic smell - identified to species on apparently rapidly widening outer whorl and relatively large umbilicus. Happy for more opinions though on photos!

Phytomyza chaerophylli - occupied mine in cow parsley

Lesser Celandine - been seeing leaves for a while and just realised I hadn't added the species yet

Barbula unguiculata - Bird's-claw Beard-moss - pretty sure about this one, found on soil in a small wood; struggle to see recurved margins but can just about convince myself, and looks fine otherwise.

Wild Privet - found along roadside in a hedge, with berries

Buzzard - after seeing several displaying just outside the square, one finally did the decent thing and drifted into the required airspace!

So, this gets me to 197. Moth-trap's on but it's dropped below freezing so not confident that the haul will rise above the current 2 Pale Brindled Beauties that are sat by the light at present. Got to find three more tomorrow though surely!

Oxychilus draparnaudi I think?

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